SpaceX's Passenger Responds To Elon Musk's Twitter Controversy

It's no secret that Elon Musk has been getting a lot of bad press lately. This can easily be attributed to his Tweets. However, not everyone is in the opposite corner against Elon. Yusaku Maezawa is the man who wants a SpaceX rocket to bring him to the moon.

The Japanese billionaire plans to be a passenger on the SpaceX Big Falcon Rocket. This is going to be big as it'll be the first-ever commercial space trip and should launch for the moon in 2023.

Maezawa hasn't started training for the mission but is preparing in his own ways by getting medical check-ups and working on his English language skills. This is good because he wants to say something special when he's actually making his visit. He would specifically want to talk about how the world could be a better place if there was peace.


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Just don't get your hopes up yet, the entire project is still in early development, one reason is that the billionaire doesn't even know who to bring along just yet. Although, it seems like he's interested in having visual artists, musicians, fashion designers, and possibly the actress that he's dating.

According to Global News, he's also the man who believes that Musk has just gotten into a rough patch because the internet can indeed get anyone in a pickle.

“Twitter can get you into trouble," says Maezawa. “And that can be said of Elon Musk, too.”

Yusaku is referring to the several instances that for one made investors angry and Musk lose a lot of money. You see, Elon Musk publically posted about Tesla Motors and a possible buyout. This led to him and Tesla having to pay $20 million each after the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission basically settled on the issue.

Despite all the issues that Musk has found himself in, this is a great news because he has support from a huge figure in the world. Whenever there is a lot of doubt in one specific person, something like another billionaire coming out and showing confidence can really change things. This would happen due to the fact that people see these figures are leaders in the world.

One thing is for sure, Musk can learn a thing or two about having some experts look over social media posts before they go out.


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