Woman Battles Bank For 2 Years For Access To Her Own Information

One woman was forced to battle her bank for over two years to get access to her own account information.

The story of Rhonda McMillan who battled a bank and is now violating a confidentiality agreement to make others aware of her terrible situation. She told Go Public news that she had to go head to head to CIBC bank to prove she or her husband did not authorize a document.


It all began when McMillan noticed $691 had been moved from her open bank account to one she had closed. The battle for the authorized transfer began. CIBC would not give her the form, finally, after two years, the document was recovered for her and what she knew all along was true. A manager and employee from CIBC bank had reopened not only the closed account but also authorized the money transfer.

However, CIBC then told her that it took her too long to get the document, so they could no longer provide her with the answers to her questions regarding why and how did this happened. It is not just the lack of help from the bank, but also how hard she had to fight to get documented information regarding her bank account. There were numerous phone calls, emails, and trips to the bank before she even got close to getting the information she needed.

McMillan had to file a complaint with CIBC's ombudsman to get her necessary proof she did not authorize the money transfer. On top of that, to get a financial settlement from the company, which was mostly her money back, she had to sign a confidentiality agreement.

The bank has never admitted to any wrongdoing and now because McMillan has spoken out to the media she could be on the hook. However, Rhonda McMillan does not care if the bank comes after her. She feels it is more important to tell her story than to worry about CIBC looking for retribution. In all honesty, they have already done her wrong, so the publicity of going after McMillan would not be good for the bank.

It is insane that one woman had to spend two years fighting for information on her account, don't you think?


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