Doctor Explains Why People Gain Weight On Keto Diet

The Keto Diet has been one of the top ways to lose weight for the past couple of years. However, if you don't eat right on the diet, you might gain weight instead of losing it. Oh yes, this little tidbit is not well publicized, but one doctor explains why weight gain could happen, as wells can what can be done to prevent it.

Dr. Steve Phinney, the chief medical officer at Virta Health, shared with PopSugar the secret as to why some people gain weight on the Keto diet. It all comes down to the proper carbs and protein a person is eating while on a diet. Too much of one or the other can throw off your nutritional ketosis, which is essentially when your body runs off fat and not carbs. The best way to achieve ketosis is to live by eating 70 to 80 percent fat, 15 to 20 percent protein and 5 to 10 percent carbs.


If you are going to follow the Keto Diet you have to abide by the fat, carb, and protein intake. People tend to do what is often referred to as the lazy Keto Diet where they fluctuate being restrictive with carbs and having carbs in moderation. The same goes for the protein they restrict it or eat more than the required amount. Following the Keto Diet as it is specifically designed is the only way to achieve weight-loss. Any other modified version will not guarantee the same results.

Dr. Phinney also reminded readers that the average person's weight could fluctuate up to four pounds per day based on water intake. If you are following the strict Keto Diet rules, but are still seeing an increase, you should make sure you are hydrated and also give it a couple of weeks. Sadly, as with many programs, participants can gain weight before they start to lose it. Do not give up stick with it and you will achieve your goals.

There is no one being healthy routine or lifestyle that works for everyone, but it is important to know the facts. Thanks to Dr. Phinney, we now know more about why the Keto Diet can cause weight gain.

Have you tried the Keto Diet? If you have what did you think of it?


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