What Would Happen If Earth Suffered A Game Of Thrones-Length Winter?

Life would get pretty bad pretty fast if Earth's northern hemisphere suffered winters as long as the ones on Game Of Thrones.

The characters on Game Of Thrones have been worriedly declaring that "winter is coming" since the show began. Here we are in season eight and low and behold, the coldest season of them all has arrived. It's a little more than a season in the northern part of Westeros, though. Their winters are infamous for lasting years at a time.

So, what would happen if our planet suffered that same fate? We're here to try and explain with help from Space.com. First of all, Earth would have to stop orbiting the sun around mid-February. That would mean the northern hemisphere would be permanently tilted away from the sun, thus getting a lot less of its heat and light. The days would become shorter and the nights longer, just like a regular winter.


via Hollywood Reporter

That's about the only thing that would remain familiar. Plus, you wouldn't have the days getting longer again to look forward to once the new year rolls around. Fans of snow would also quickly become sick of the white stuff. There would naturally be more of it falling due to the lower temperatures, and since that sunlight isn't sticking around for long, very little of that snow would melt away.

While us humans will have likely figured out what's going on, the animal kingdom will be left thoroughly confused. Trees and plants that come to life in the spring would never do so, as spring would never arrive. That would leave millions of animals struggling to find food and eventually dying out entirely, depending on how long this hypothetical winter lasts, of course.

If the winter lasted even longer than it does on Game Of Thrones and became a permanent fixture, it would effectively signal the next ice age. Massive sheets of ice would eventually form over Canada and most of Europe. Thankfully, that isn't going to happen and this is all just a "what if..." scenario. Plus, if Earth randomly decided to stop its orbit, living through an endless winter would be one of many problems we and the rest of the planet would have to face.


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