Waitress To Millionaire: 15 YouTubers Who Now Own Mansions And Teslas

The emergence of social media has brought along a lot of changes with it, especially with how people communicate. But where it has helped connect people, it has also provided a number of new earning opportunities. Before social media became a thing, becoming a millionaire was not an easy task. People had to set up a proper business and the idea of an average video or content making a lot of money was too far-fetched of an idea.

That isn't the case anymore, however, as social media is now also treated as an advertising platform with billions of people using it. YouTube is one such platform which is part of the much bigger social media network. People can upload videos here about makeup, cooking, singing or tutorials and they can earn money doing so, while also enjoying a celebrity status. A large number of YouTubers have now made millions but most of them had very humble beginnings. So, here we have penned down 15 YouTube stars who were ordinary people like us but now they have become millionaires and own expensive mansions and cars.

15 Ruben Doblas

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24 year old Ruben Doblas Gurdensen belongs to a Norwegian and Spanish family. He entertains the world through his funny Spanish videos in which he usually plays video games and teases his fellow roommate.

He has been successful in amassing a large number of followers and currently, his channel has 8.7 million subscribers and a total of 721 million people have viewed his videos. We see many adults of his age around us who are struggling and are unable to find a good job whereas his income is estimated somewhere to be about 3.9 million per year. It’s unbelievable how YouTube has changed his life and made an ordinary person like him a millionaire.

14 Slime Queen

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Karina Gracia is a 23 year old waitress who has earned the title of slime queen in just three years and has become a YouTube star. She is now earning millions by just making slime. This incredible story is somewhat unbelievable where a person can become famous and also a millionaire by just making DIY slime videos.

She started this as a part time activity and then she achieved so much that she left her job as a waitress and started making videos as a full time job. Gracia’s videos have hit a total of 900 million views. Her first video was uploaded in 2015 and it featured easy DIY lipsticks and other beauty related products. She owns a million dollar mansion in California which has six bedrooms, a swimming pool, game room and also a screening room.

13 Kanna And Akira

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When it comes to making money there is no age limit since anybody can become a millionaire and two Japanese sisters, Akira and Kanna, have proved this. They have a channel named ‘Potemi926’ and these cute little sisters play with their toys, cook food using their toy kitchen kits.

Sometimes in their videos they also talk with their parents and play all their favourite games. They have a total of 308,000 subscribers on their channel and these subscribers are from all different age groups making their demographic quite diverse. People really enjoy the way they play together, talk with each other and the fact that they are incredibly cute which has made so many people love them.

12 Felix Arvid Ulf Kjelberg

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If there is one person that has been in the spotlight for being the richest YouTuber, it is definitely PewDiePie. This 28 year old Swedish YouTuber is known for uploading the most entertaining videos on YouTube and he has a subscriber list of almost 60 million people.

In most of his videos he can be seen playing video games and because of this he has made a name for himself in the gaming industry but as of recent times, he has also created a number of other content. The videos on his channel have been viewed more than a whopping 17.1 billion times. This goes to show exactly how much people love to see him play. It has been estimated that his total earning from these videos is somewhere between $2.2 million and $18 million per year since no official figure is available.

11 Super Woman AKA Lily Singh

Via: CelebMafia

Another one on the list of famous YouTube millionaires is a girl from Canada, Lily Singh. She is also known as the superwoman and she is mostly famous for doing parody videos. A documentary that she uploaded on YouTube Red by the name of ‘A Trip to Unicorn Island’ became an instant hit.

She is the third most paid YouTuber and her predicted income was $2.5 million in 2017. Her channel has been subscribed by 11.3 million people so far and she has also won many awards like ‘Social Superstar of the year’ and ‘Best First Person’. There has been a great deal of increase in her followers from 2015 to 2017. She currently owns a Tesla Model S and a beautiful Spanish style house in Los Angeles which is estimated to be worth $1.5 million.

10 The Anonymous Toy Lover

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There are plenty of videos on YouTube where people don't usually show their face but their channels still end up getting millions of subscribers. We have something similar here because in the case of this particular channel owner as she is anonymous. The only thing that we know is that she is from Brazil and the name of her channel is ‘Disney collector BR’.

Disney character toys have been a favorite of little girls for a very long time now. This channel features all the new Disney toys that come to the market. She talks a great deal about the details of the toys and shows how to play with them. Mostly kids and their parents follow her channel and she has been successful enough to have almost 1.3 million subscribers. Her videos have amassed almost 1.9 billion views and she is expected to make somewhere around $1.5 million a year.

9 Dude Perfect

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This YouTube channel features all things related to sports and targets the sports lovers. It is owned by basketball players and features two twins, Cory and Coby Cotton, and their three best friends from Texas. It is one of the most interesting channels where you get all sorts of entertainment.

These boys do comedy, talk about new trends in sports, do sports tricks, and make fun of different sports stereotypes which audience loves the most. This sports channel has achieved a great deal of fame and has a large number of subscribers, estimated to be around 27 million. All of the money that they've made has allowed them to buy an entire complex where they shoot their videos and show off their passion for trick shots and sports.

8 Benny And Rafi Fine

Via dailydot.com

YouTube has proved to be an excellent platform, providing people with a chance to show off their talent and inspire others. We see many people who have become famous just because of YouTube. Another big example of such people are Benny and Rafi Fine. These two are brothers and own a channel by the name of ‘The Fine Bros’.

They write, direct and also act in their videos. They have started a series called ‘Reacts’ and they are the founders of an online video field which is now quite successful. Around 16 million people have subscribed to their channel and their videos have been viewed more than 3.8 billion times. Their estimated earning per year are estimated to be somewhere between $849,000 and $7.1 million.

7 Rosanna Pansino

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We see a lot of tutorial videos on YouTube and out of all those videos, the ones about cooking are on top of the list. These same cooking videos have made Rosanna Pansino a millionaire. She is a self-taught cook who uses the recipes from her grandmother. She started the channel with simple cooking tips, recipes, and tricks. Since then, her baking videos have become really famous.

She has made different videos of themed cakes that have gathered a large number of subscribers for her channel. She has a total of 9.4 million subscribers and her channel is estimated to make her a couple of million dollars each year. She is now a successful cook and has also published her own recipe book by the name of ‘The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook’. She also owns a palace in Hollywood Hills which is estimated to have cost her $4.5 million.

6 Ian Hecox And Anthony Pallida

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YouTube is the best source of entertainment and this pair of 26 year old comedians entertained the world quite well. They started their channel back in 2005 and were successful in engaging a large number of people. Their channel is named ‘Smosh’ and they are known to be among the first YouTube stars.

They uploaded a video in which they were lip-syncing the famous Pokémon song and that video became the most viewed video on YouTube in 2006. After becoming famous, they released four albums of their original songs and also a video game, however, because of creative difference, Anthony walked away from Smosh last year and now has his own channel. Still, when they were together, their yearly income from YouTube was estimated to be somewhere between $627,800 and $5.2 million.

5 Tyler Oakley

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There are many people who are using YouTube as a platform for a better cause and trying to make a change in our society and Tyler Oakley is doing the same. He has made millions of dollars by making videos about social issues and he has inspired and changed many people through his videos.

He is famous for his vlogging style that is humorous, straightforward and sometimes includes confessions as well. Many people watch his videos and they surely learn many things. His style has drawn the attention of many people towards him and he has almost 8 million subscribers. His channel is estimated to earn him well into the millions each year and because of this, he made a purchase of a house in 2016 that cost around $6 million. He also wrote a book called ‘Binge’.

4 Ryan

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Another child YouTube star is next on our list of social media millionaires. Ryan is a six year old small kid who gives toy reviews and his reviews are so interesting that a lot of kids and grown ups watch his videos. He is earning $11 million for his family, which might seem unbelievable to most people. I mean how can a small kid earn such a large amount of money by just playing with his toys? But Ryan somehow has the magic YouTube touch.

This little kid has been successful in making a viewership and has almost 10 million subscribers, making his family super rich and helped him turn into a successful YouTube star. His cute videos feature all the new toys that are of great interest to kids and he explains everything in a very cute way which makes all of his followers really adore him.

3 Evan Fong

Via vanossgamingblog.blogspot.com

There are many channels on YouTube that are about video games but every channel is different from the other because of the different content and style of that particular YouTuber. It is their distinct and unique styles which makes them famous. Similarly, Evan Fong who is known as Vanoss Gaming on YouTube is famous for his own unique style and this has made him a millionaire.

He is a 25 year old young adult from Canada and he combines comedy with gaming in his videos. Another thing that has contributed to his success are the techniques that he uses to edit his videos. They are put together in a way that long gaming sessions are trimmed into a smaller video with the addition of comedy. This has earned him around $15.5 million especially after sponsorships from franchises like Call of Duty.

2 Daniel The Diamond Mine Cart

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There are many people around us who have used their passion and hobbies to become millionaires. Among those creative minds is 26 years old Daniel Middleton. He is known as the Diamond Mine Cart. This young individual features gameplay and other daily reviews and he is very popular for his work. He generally focuses on the game Minecraft.

One of the things that really adds to his abilities is that he is now married to a woman who is also a famous and successful YouTuber. The platform has made him so famous that on his world tour he had a show at the Sydney Opera House, for which he was paid as well. His YouTube channel is known as ‘DanTDM’ and it is estimated that he makes well around $16.5 million. This also allows him to live in an expensive apartment in London.

1 German Garmendia

Via youtube.com

Many people are now treating YouTube as a full time job since it can easily bring in more money than many other career options out there. Another ordinary person that became a millionaire by courtesy of YouTube is German Garmendia. He belongs to Chile and is a very talented guy. He not only makes videos but he is an author, a musician and a comedian as well.

He currently runs two YouTube channels, HolaSayGerman and JuegaGerman and both of his channels are tremendously amazing. His average income from his channels are estimated to be $45.5 million with a total of $49.6 million subscribers. He gets millions of views on his videos which isn't a surprise and not only that, he has recorded a number of songs with his band as well and was hired to dub for the Spanish version of the famous animated film, Ice Age.

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