Vermont Residents Kept Safe During Heatwave With Tesla Powerwalls

Vermont residents have found a way to keep safe and cool during this crazy heat wave thanks to Tesla Powerwalls batteries.

Three years after Green Mountain Power's stored-solar-power project launched, power companies, the state of Vermont and its residents are reaping the benefits. GMP's goal is to have 2000 homes fitted with Tesla Powerwalls batteries, which is essentially an energy-storing device. Currently, only 500 homes feature it. According to Digital Trends, the company has 1,200 homeowners interested in being part of the next phase of the project.

What is a Tesla Powerwall? It is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which also stores energy. The battery is primarily an energy saver for not only the homeowners but the power company as well because it stores energy that can be used to these heat waves or the dreaded cases when the power goes out.


The cost of a residential Powerwall is not cheap. It runs around $7,000. However, the state of Vermont and GMP got together to come up with a program that would help homeowners with the cost. It is a smart move considering the money it will save all of those involved, plus it is environmentally friendly.

There are two subsidy options for people to choose from, they can either pay $15 a month or a one-time fee of $1,500. GMP does have one other requirement for those who wish to have the Powerwalls installed. They are allowed to use the units as part of their own virtual power plants, meaning the company can access the stored energy at any time. It makes sense and, again, is beneficial for everyone involved especially during those high demand periods.

Tesla Powerwalls can be charged in two different ways. They can be charged by homeowners' solar panel arrays, or when demand is low, they can be charged by conventional power load. If the later is chosen, GMP has assured customers it's the power source is 90 percent carbon-free, so there is no dirty burning fuel to charge the batteries.

The state of Vermont and Green Mountain Power are making strides in conserving energy, saving their residents money and being environmentally friendly. What do you think about Tesla Powerwalls, would you install them in your home if there was a financial incentive?


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