Travel Bag Necessities For Every Guy

Travel Bag Necessities For A Guy

For the guy on the go, these are your travel bag necessities.

It doesn’t matter where or how far you travel; every guy needs a travel bag. Maybe it’s for that overnight stay at a friend’s place, or maybe you’re a high-powered executive globetrotting from city to city. No matter where you go or how long your stay, a well-stocked travel bag will make your travel plans a cinch.

The key here is having the essentials. Have no fear for we’ve got you covered. Every travel bag needs these essential items, and we have the recommendations to ensure you’re never without what you need.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

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SEE IT NOW: $8.99

Statistically speaking, pretty much every guy either wears glasses, has sunglasses, or owns a cell phone. If you fall into any of these categories--and you almost certainly do--then you need a microfiber cloth to keep things clean.

Microfiber materials are just incredible for getting rid of dirt and oils that collect on glass and plastic. Not only do they lift away daily grime, but there’s also no risk of ever damaging whatever item you’re cleaning whether that be your glasses or your cell phone’s screen. Best of all, they’re completely machine washable, so when they get a little too funky, just throw them in the laundry and let them air dry.

Travel Toothbrush

Quip Toothbrush
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SEE IT NOW: $39.99

Nobody brushes their teeth by hands these days. Everyone has an electric toothbrush, and just because you’re traveling is no excuse to go without one.

This Quip electric toothbrush will keep your teeth clean for a reasonable price. It’s got a built-in timer to make sure you’re brushing as long as you need to, a sensitive sonic brush head to make sure you get that deep-down plaque, and a cover to keep the world’s germs at bay on your travels.

A More Expensive Travel Toothbrush

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SEE IT NOW: $79.95

Quip is nice as a barebones option. It’ll get the job done, but to really keep those pearly whites sparkly, go for the Philips Sonicare.

This thing comes with a lithium-ion battery that will keep going for 2 weeks so you don’t even need to bring the charging pad unless you’ll be gone for longer. It also has a travel case that protects the whole toothbrush and not just the head. A pressure sensor also keeps your gums safe from pressing down a little too hard--a problem with some other electric toothbrushes.

It’s a little more expensive, but trust us when we say your teeth will appreciate the added expense.

Manscaping Kit

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SEE IT NOW: $13.99

Hangnails, stray nose hairs, and all manner of skin blemishes are a pain, but they can be doubly-so for the unprepared traveler. Don’t get stuck paying airport prices for an emergency pair of nail clippers: just bring this kit with you.

This thing has everything you need: scissors, nail clippers, emery board, tweezers, and more. All of them made out of stainless steel and contained in a compact, stylish container.

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