Trainer Designs Workout To Target Every Body Part

One personal trainer has designed a new workout that will target every one of your body parts.

There is nothing better than a routine that will work your entire body as opposed to specific parts. It is better for you mentally and physically if done correctly. According to PopSugar trainer and fitness influencer, Kelsey Wells has come up with a full body workout you will want to try immediately. She, like so many other influencers these days, showcased her routine on social media. Wells posted a full video to her Instagram account, with no caption letting the footage speak for itself.

While there are only six moves in the routine, you will sweat, and your body will feel it. But the good news is you will get in fantastic shape. Plus, you can do the workout at home, as it only requires a set of dumbbells. What your body can handle should determine the weight of the dumbbells, don't go too light or heavy.

Wells jumps right into the routine as soon as the video starts. There is no explanation,but this is definitely a follow along video.

The workout consists of only six exercises that are each reasonably easy to do with a little bit of practice. Each exercise should be done 10 to 12 times and in the following order: sumo squats, lunge, and press with dumbbells, side to front arm raise with dumbbells, fire hydrants, tricep kickbacks with dumbbell,s and finally bent over reverse fly. For maximum results, you should do the entire workout three to four times, resting 30 seconds in between.

This is not super time-consuming. It can be done in about 30 minutes maybe less depending on how many reps and rounds you choose. Even if you know all of the moves, you should still watch her Instagram video of the workout to make sure you fully understand what she is doing. Plus, watching her bang out the routine will give you motivation.

What do you think about the full body workout? Are you a fan or do you prefer your workouts to focus on specific parts of your body?


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