Trainer Reveals What You Need To Do Every Day To Drop Serious Weight

Summer may be long gone, but that summer body surely does not have to! Staying fit and keeping in shape is a must for a healthy mind and body, however, it isn’t always easy. Making the decision to get fit is a huge step, but it’s the next step of trying to figure out exactly what to do in order to lose weight that can be overwhelming.

Luckily, personal trainer, Sarah Chadwell, is revealing any and all secrets to achieving that healthy body in all the right ways with PopSugar. Chadwell believes that “creating a definitive exercise plan each week ensures that you are taking a balanced approach to fitness”, and she could not be more right! Getting a routine down is key to weight loss, and ensuring you have a solid workout and fitness plan is imperative to reaching your goal.

Trainer, Chadwell, has designed an incredibly balanced, seven-day plan that will not only help you on the path to a safe calorie deficit, which is essentially burning more calories than you’re eating, but that will also allow you to healthily lose about one to two pounds per week. This weight loss goal of losing no more than two pounds per week is the standard for healthy weight loss and is recommended by any health practitioner or fitness trainer.


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Although jumping into an exercise regimen might have you feeling sore and tired at the start, it’s important to push through and get your body used to roll with the punches, which should take a few weeks for some depending on your age and body type. Chadwell recommended only building up your work out once you have adjusted to the exercises, and only then should you increase the intensity of your workouts.

Cardio is a huge factor to take into consideration when trying to lose weight, increasing your heart rate is a must, and Chadwell recommends machines from the elliptical to the treadmill, and even a stationary bike can do the trick. In addition, it's important to not only exercises your body but also take care of it from the inside out. Eating a balanced diet of healthy fruits and vegetables, lean meats and staying clear of sugar and processed foods is a must in Chadwell’s eyes. Getting fit is not an easy task, but with a determined mindset, you can achieve your goal!


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