Trainer Designs Ab Workout That Looks Easy But Will Make You Fell The Burn

There is a new ab workout taking the fitness world by storm, but it is very deceptive.

It is imperative that those looking to get killer abs, switch up their workout routine. Not only because it keeps you from getting bored but also because doing the same exercise all the time can stall results.

The new ab workout has the bless of Men's Health Fitness Director, Ebenezer Samuel who is known for showcasing tough challenges that yield amazing results. He has even added the routine to mix-up his ab workouts. He has shared that at first glance, it looks easy — but looks are definitely deceiving in this case.

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All you need is a good resistance band to shake up your core workout. If you do not have a resistance band, one of those cable machines at the gym are a good substitute. However, Samuels insist that the bands provide the ideal tension to help build those ab muscles.

The good thing about this workout is that you will work smart and hard, meaning there are no mindless exercises. Plus, it will challenge the symmetry of your core strength, and that will help you build a solid midsection.

Start by attaching the band to a rack or stable platform. You will want to connect it high enough for you to hold the band with tension while you are in the hollow body position. Take your spot on the ground under the resistant band and complete following routine four or five times.

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This core workout looks super-easy...but it’s not. It’s a blending of the hollow body position and the Pallof press. It’ll challenge the symmetry of your core strength, and if you have a flawed hollow body position, it’ll expose that pretty quickly too. Rules of the game: ————————————————————————- Start with a hollow body position, then raise the band directly over your chest. Hold 10 seconds. ———————————————————————— Maintaining that hold, do 10 flutter kicks. ————————————————————————-Release the hold, then shift your arms (and the band) all the way back. (This is also a great test of pure shoulder extension here...the hollow body means you can’t cheat with thoracic extension 😁.) Hold for 10 seconds. ————————————————————————Maintain that hold, then do 10 flutter kicks from this position. ———————————————————————— Set your feet and do 10 sit-ups. Work to keep the band centered over your chest as you do. ————————————————————————- Repeat on the other side. Do 4 sets per side. You can use a cable machine here too, but band tension is ideal. #fitness #training #abs #sixpack #hollowbody

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-Lay in the hollow body and raise the band directly above your chest. Hold for 10 seconds and then perform 10 flutter kicks.

-Move the band and your arms to the back of your head. Hold for 10 seconds and then complete 10 flutter kicks.

-Hinge at the knees and pull your feet up. Then do 10 sit-ups raising your arms and the band above your head each time, while also making sure the band stays centered.

See it doesn't sound that hard at all, but we people forget is keeping your body in the hollow position is not an easy task. If you do not stay in that position and have the band placed correctly, you could injure yourself. So take your time and try it out.


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