10 Things Tony Robbins Does To Achieve Success

It looks like a plot from a movie. A teenager works as a janitor and sees his life change after watching a lecture. However, that is exactly what happened to Tony Robbins, one of the most successful motivational speakers in the world.

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Robbins seems to be at the top of the world for more than three decades. He has a $6 billion empire, and among his clients are names like Oprah, Serena Williams, and Bill Gates. People are willing to pay $6,000 to watch one of his conferences, and he charges $1,000,000 for mentoring people for one year, according to INC.

There are several reasons he achieved so much. Learn some of them.

10 He found a mentor

When Robbins was 17 years old, he worked as a janitor and made $40 per week. One day, he decided to spend $35 on a Jim Rohn seminar, and that changed his life. After the speech, Robbins approached Rohn, and he became his pupil.

Having his idol as a mentor helped him to improve a lot as a professional. He started to work as a speaker and gave his own touch on his career by studying behavioral psychology. When Robbins was 26 years old, he was already a successful millionaire speaker and a best-seller author. In 2009, when Rohn passed away, he made a touching tribute.

9 He was aware of what he wanted

The first thing you need to change your life is to know what you want. According to Robbins, you should spend your energy in things you want instead of focus on things you don’t want. For example, instead of complaining about your job, make clear what you want to change. Is it a promotion? Is it a new position in another company?

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If you have a target, it is easier to make a plan and to become well succeed in your projects. “ ‘I want to be Vice President of the company within six months.’ This gives you a clear end result and something you can track your progress against along the way,”, Robbins says.

8 He doesn’t settle

Tony Robbins has a $6 billion empire, has 30 companies, and he is ahead of a dozen of them, according to the Business Insider. He believes that successful people Oprah and Richard Branson have something in common: they are insatiable. Those professionals didn’t slow down because they were rich, and they are still very ambitious.

That is something Tony Robbins have in common with them. He has been on the top of his game for over 30 years. However, he doesn’t have plans to retire or to slow down.

7 He is persuasive

Tony Robbins has billionaire entrepreneurs, politicians, and A-list celebrities among his clients. And it takes more than talent and knowledge to achieve that. Robbins is probably one of the most persuasive people you will see in your life. He is convincing enough to make Marc Benioff, the tech billionaire, jump from a bridge at midnight into a river with poisoned snakes. He was in a group of more than 20 people led by the coach.

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According to Robbins, the secret of persuasion is to make people trust you and also establish a relationship that people will always trust you. Sounds easy to say, but very few people could manage to make someone jump from a bridge.

6 He exudes confidence

Robbins was 24 years old when he met his first high-profile client, Mike O'Brien that won a gold medal at the Olympic games in 1984. According to the athlete, Robbins has something that captivates people. "He exudes so much confidence that without even saying the words, he's relating that 'I believe in you. You have the potential to excel.' So you start to believe it," he told INC in 2016. O'Brien adds that his confidence even makes Robbins look taller than he really is.

It seems that millions of people around the world agree with O'Brien. It is an essential key to his success.

5 He takes action

Tony Robbins is very clear about some things that led him to become well succeed. "Knowledge is not power – it's potential power," explains Robbins. "Execution trumps knowledge every day of the week." That means that more than know about a subject, you must commit with yourself and so something with it. And Robbins is a master on it!

His career has always been about learning, mastering a subject, but also passing what he knows forward. That is how he became a business guru admired by some of the most powerful people in the world.

4 He has a winner mindset

If there is something Tony Robbins never gets tired of talking about is the importance of the right mindset. Robbins believes that your mindset will define your story, so you are responsible for the kind of life you have.

Robbins says that, "it's easy getting a habit of being pissy or angry, or sad or feeling depressed. And here's the worst part: It feels terrible, but you've gone there so often it's home for you. Meaning it's comfortable because you know it. And you've got to break out of that." To become successful, he had to break negative patterns.

3 He knows the power of his network

There are several coaches around the world. However, it is hard to think about someone who is so well-connected as Tony Robbins. He seems to be always with the most influential people of the most different areas: media moguls, business leaders, or politicians.

He managed to create the most successful business circle in his field. Every time Robbins commits to a new job, he increases his network, he gets new ideas ( that is why he has so many endeavors) and becomes even more well succeed.

2 He has different business

Everybody knows Tony Robbins as a business guru. His company, Robbins Research International, is responsible for all the parts of events, teaching, and coaching. It is a profitable business, but it is responsible for just part of his fortune.

Robbins also invests in several start-ups, like Unlimited Tomorrow, that creates 3-D-printed prosthetics, a stadium in LA, a luxury resort in Fiji, a digital marketing company, a company that offers retirement plans, and the list goes on. The nature of each business is very different, but they all have something in common: they are all profitable.

1 Became valuable

Before meeting Jim Rohn, Robbins believed he could have the same life as his parents. Once he heard from Rhon that he should become valuable, work to build skills, and be able to help people. Robbins saw the chance to follow Rhon's steps and studied very hard to find his own identity.

Of course, things did not happen fast. But Robbins was patient and managed to build his brand and motivate millions of people in the world to achieve more in life. To people who ask how to develop skills, he says, "Participate in your own rescue, step up. Ask yourself, 'What industries are growing, what do I love, what do I enjoy? ... Go offer your services to be a mentee ... and you'll be able to move up."

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