Tom Brady's Moat And 16 Other Enviable Features Of Celeb Mansions

Professional athletes, movie stars, and singers just make more money than most of us. That is a simple fact. But when you see what all that extra income can buy, it makes it somehow more real. From crazy expensive cars to glamorous wardrobes to shiny bling, celebs like to flaunt their wealth, especially in the social media age we live in. But more than those smaller items, the rich and famous love to spend their hard-earned cash on huge homes. Sprawling mansions on huge plots of land away from the commoners with every comfort they could dream of help make the busy life of a celebrity a little less stressful. Often, stars have more than one giant home so they can stay in their own place wherever they travel. That sure beats staying at a hotel! While some celebrity homes are more modest, others have amazing features we normal people could never dream of having. I'm not just talking about enormous bedrooms, fancy kitchens, and multiple bathrooms, either. Many celebs like to include accommodations for their favorite leisure activities so they never have to leave their own property. For example, on this list you'll see a private airplane hangar, a baseball field, a golf course, and a bowling alley. And those are the less exciting ones! Keep reading to learn more about these awesome celebrity home features.

17 Tom Brady And Gisele Bundchen's Moat

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Tom Brady may have just lost the Superbowl (much to everyone's surprise), but he has a pretty comfortable mansion to come home to. The famous football player and his supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen share the huge home pictured above in the Los Angeles, California area. The huge house, which is worth around $20 million, resembles a castle in its grand architecture. Fitting with that theme, it features a literal moat around the front entrance. Is this actually to keep fans and the paparazzi at bay, or does it just look cool? Either way, it is a pretty unique and awesome feature that definitely shows off the power couple's wealth. Who else can say they have a moat in this day and age?

16 50 Cent's Casino

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One of rapper 50 Cent's favorite things to do with his loads of cash is hit the casino. But when you're famous, why leave the comfort of your own home to do the thing you love most? 50's home in Connecticut has its own casino room featuring custom poker tables and blackjack boards, as well as a built-in surround sound system to play some hot tracks. It even has a wet bar to really get the feel of a Las Vegas casino. When he gets tired of gambling, the rapper can enjoy the other crazy decadent parts of his home including the G-Unit gym, a nightclub complete with stripper poles, and his choice of 35 different bathrooms. It's amazing what money can buy!

15 Jerry Seinfeld's Baseball Field

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Like many New Yorkers, Jerry Seinfeld has been a huge baseball fan since he was a little kid. You can see him loyally cheering on the Mets every single spring. While he obviously enjoys attending professional games, it makes sense that the funny actor also enjoys playing baseball, too. Most of us just buy a bat and glove and play in the back yard or on a fun team, but that's not enough when you're rich and famous. Instead, the comedian has his very own full-size baseball diamond behind his house! The mansion, located in the Hamptons outside of New York City, also includes a pool to cool down in after playing a game. Seinfeld is actually the 2nd famous owner of his home, as he bought it from singer Billy Joel in 2000.

14 Jay-Z And Beyonce's Bowling Alley

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As the king and queen of music, it makes sense that Jay-Z and Beyonce have homes fit for royalty. The billionaire power couple can definitely afford to spoil themselves and their kids Blue Ivy, Sir, and Rumi. Each of their mansions includes tons of amazing features, but their former rental home in the Hamptons tops them all. One of the most fun features is the full-size, two-lane indoor bowling alley, which can provide hours of fun without leaving the house, even on a rainy day. There was even a full bar in there to make things more interesting! When they were tired of bowling, the home also had a rock wall, 60-foot swimming pool, and skating half-pipe. In a house like this one, you can never say you were bored!

13 Oprah's Wine Cave

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As one of the world's most powerful women, Oprah has a literal empire. Her former talk show, TV channel, and magazine have garnered her both fame and fortune. It's especially amazing because she grew up poor! Now Oprah uses her hard-earned money to treat herself to gorgeous, giant homes all over the country. One of her most beautiful properties is her ski chalet in Telluride, Colorado. Valued at around $14 million, this mansion provides a private, cozy retreat for a winter getaway. While the home has lots of cool features like a Finnish-style spa, wood-burning fireplaces, and even a private tram to the ski hills, one feature tops all the rest. Some wealthy people have wine cellars for their collection, but Oprah has an actual wine cave! This huge underground storage space comes complete with a mining car.

12 John Travolta's Airplane Hangar

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John Travolta is a triple threat of acting, singing, and dancing who has been on the entertainment scene since the 1970s. Apart from his work in movies like Grease and Hairspray, the former heartthrob also has a unique hobby. Travolta loves airplanes and is actually a licensed pilot. That is why his home in Ocala, Florida, has its own airplane runway as well as a small hangar for his private jet. Though the home is pretty small and inexpensive compared to some of the homes on this list (valued at around just $4 million), having its own runway makes it pretty bougie in my opinion! Who besides a celebrity can say they have the means to fly right into their driveway? The home also has a swimming pool and sprawling back yard.

11 Alicia Keys' Indoor Pool

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Music stars Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz own more than one giant home together, but one of their most amazing is their mansion located in New Jersey. Their first East coast home, it has tons of amazing features that the rest of us could only dream of. Not only do they have their choice of 32 different rooms to spend their time in, the home also includes a movie theater and even a professional recording studio. That's perfect for when the muse visits them and they don't want to lose their ideas on the way to a studio! But the most breathtaking feature of this mansion is the indoor pool pavilion. The pool is surrounded by brick walls, arched windows, a domed glass ceiling, contemporary sculptures, and lots of comfy lounge furniture. What a dream!

10 Kim And Kanye's Vineyard

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are one of the most famous and richest couples on the planet. When you combine having tons of disposable income and having super extravagant, big personalities, you can imagine that the pair's homes are nothing short of amazing. One of their craziest properties is their $20 million mansion located in Hidden Hills, California. The home is a gorgeous French style chateau on 3 acres, giving them tons of privacy. One of the most unique features of the property, though, is a vineyard, which the couple intend to use to grow grapes to make their own wine at home. Who else can say they own an entire vineyard in their back yard? Along with the vines, the pair also enjoys 2 pools, 2 spas, 2 built-in barbecues, and more.

9 Chris Brown's Ice Cream Bar

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In 2014, rapper Chris Brown snagged a pretty sweet new home for himself in Agoura Hills, California. The absolutely giant 8,000 square foot mansion boasts 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and outdoor parking space for over 75 vehicles. That makes the San Fernando Valley property perfect for a party boy like Brown! He can host crazy events right in his own home! He can also enjoy his precious leisure time by enjoying the home's tennis courts, billiard room, dance studio, and of course a swimming pool. But the most unique feature of this house is its built-in ice cream bar. The set-up includes a glass block bar, red barstools, and a black and white checkerboard floor to remind you of a 50s soda shop. I'd love to have that in my house!

8 J. Lo's Mini-Golf Course

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Jennifer Lopez, one of the most iconic divas of our time, has definitely earned her riches. With tons of hits that always bring us onto the dance floor, along with some fun acting credits, she's always doing something new! So it's fitting that her home is as big and exciting as her personality! J Lo owns an absolutely gorgeous home in Bel-Air, California that is valued at around $40 million. Say what?! In order to put on shows whenever she wants, the singer has an outdoor performance amphitheater with seating for 30 of her friends. The mansion's back yard also includes a custom built pond for swimming and the adorable mini golf course pictured above. With so much fun stuff at home, Lopez will never have to leave her own property!

7 Tony Hawk's Skate Park

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Actor and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk introduced many of us to the world of skateboarding when we were kids. He brought extreme sports into the mainstream by not only being super talented, but also creating super popular video games and starting the skateboard company Birdhouse. Even though he is retired and a dad now, Hawk still enjoys skating in his free time. That is why he built a 4500 square foot skate park in the back yard of his Upland, California home. The shape of the installation is known as a flow bowl and fits perfectly with the skater's style. Hawk and his four kids enjoy skating there together without ever having to leave their house. I've never set foot on a skateboard, but this is an awesome feature to have!

6 P. Diddy's Movie Theater

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Shawn "P. Diddy" Combs has gone from rapper to huge media mogul and his net worth definitely reflects that. He loves to throw and attend wild parties so it makes sense that he needs an enormous mansion. What better way to spend your money, right? Diddy's digs include lots of dream house features including an indoor basketball court and a rec room complete with a putting green to help him get his sweat on. For a more chill night in, he and a dozen friends can enjoy the home's classy home theater with cinema style comfy seating. With soft, velvet upholstery, cup holders at each seat, and regal décor, this has to be the best way to watch a movie. I would bet Diddy never goes out to the movies with this set-up at home!

5 Gigi Hadid's Rooftop Patio

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Gorgeous supermodel Gigi Hadid has really gained fame and fortune in the last couple of years. With her new found wealth, the beauty has bought a home to match. Unlike some of the sprawling mansions on this list, her home is a luxurious penthouse apartment, city living for the rich and famous! Located in the trendy downtown Manhattan neighborhood of Bowery, her swanky home boasts a spa-like bathroom and gorgeous Carrera marble kitchen. But best of all is the breathtaking rooftop patio, perfect for entertaining or just taking in unbelievable views of New York City. Whether she is hosting former One Direction singer and boyfriend Zayn Malik, supermodel sister Bella, or pop icon BFF Taylor Swift, Hadid can show them all that NYC has to offer from this stunning property.

4 Celine Dion's Water Park

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Pop diva and Canadian icon Celine Dion has brought so much wonderful music into our lives. So it seems only fair that she gets to enjoy lots of riches in return! In 2010, the singer and her late husband Rene Angelil bought the mansion pictured above. Located in Jupiter Island, Florida, the breathtaking home is 10,000 square feet, situated on a six-acre lot complete with 415 square feet of private beach on the Atlantic Ocean. But for those days when they just aren't feeling a salt water swim, Celine and her kids can enjoy a water park right in their own yard! The enormous pool also includes a lazy river, water slides, and even water gun shooting stations. Dion can even get away from kids and guests by using her own pool outside the master bedroom if there's too much splashing.

3 Tiger Woods' Golf Course

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Now infamous golfer Tiger Woods is one of the world's most famous and wealthy professional athletes, and probably the most recognizable golfer around. With tons of wins and sponsorship deals, he definitely isn't lacking money! That is how he can afford a super swanky mansion complete with its own practice golf course. Located on Jupiter Island, Florida, the same luxe neighborhood as Celine Dion's home discussed above, the 9,000 square foot mansion sits on 12 acres and cost him about $40 million. While Woods surely likes to experience different golf courses all over the world, having one in his own back yard lets him practice his favorite sport any time he wants. The four-hole course includes different types of turf to let him practice all kinds of playing conditions. Do what you love, I guess!

2 Richard Branson's Island

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As the founder of the Virgin Group, which now controls over 400 companies, Sir Richard Branson is one of the richest men on Earth. He is a super successful yet grounded entrepreneur who knows how to spend his wealth wisely. While many of the rich and famous people on this list have giant homes we will only ever see in our dreams, Branson actually owns an entire island! Located in the British Virgin Islands, Necker Island is 74 acres of pure, unspoiled paradise. Unfortunately the original house he built on the island burned down after a lightning strike in 2011 and much of the rebuilt property was destroyed in 2017 by Hurricane Irma. Thankfully Branson has the means to rebuild yet again to keep himself and his famous guest entertained on holiday.

1 Will Smith's Zip Code

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Can you imagine owning a home so large that it literally has its own zip code? Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith apparently can! His property in Calabasas, California cost him about $20 million and has everything you could ever want and more. At 25,000 square feet including 9 bedrooms, this home certainly deserves the term mega mansion. Its southwestern architectural style and airy spaces are so unique, but the outside is just the beginning! Smith and his family can enjoy tennis and basketball courts, a private lake, a pool, a sand volleyball court, a meditation room, and even a recording studio. In fact, that is where Willow Smith recorded the famous track "Whip My Hair"! The best part? No nosy neighbors!

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