The MowMow™ Pet Relaxer Promises To Keep Your Dog Or Cat Calm While Home Alone

Introduced by Healz LLC, the MowMow™ Pet Relaxer uses pre-programmed sounds designed to provide natural relaxation for dogs and cats. The device, created by Chris Spoltore, who wanted to help his cat feel comfortable while he was away, is a small, portable pet-proof gadget that is programmed with soft, soothing sounds that gently stimulate a natural relaxation response in most pets.

Spoltore says the MowMow™ creates a relaxing atmosphere for pets in a matter of minutes. The device is the result of the inventor’s musical knowledge and extensive research. “I created a “loop” of special, layered sounds that I knew would calm and comfort my cat when she was alone,” he says. “I noticed right away she loved the sound and it would always make her relax, so this gave me the idea to program it into a small portable speaker-device.”

A 2002 study conducted by animal behaviorist Dr. Deborah Wells showed that classical music helped dogs relax, allowing them to rest more, spend more time being quiet and less time standing than when exposed to other stimulation such as heavy metal music, pop music and human conversation.

“The autonomic system controls both the fight-or-flight response and the rest-and-digest response,” says Dr. Christie Cornelius, a veterinarian who founded the Last Wishes Fund, a 501c non-profit organization, that offers assistance to families with ailing pets. “Relaxed dogs, in general, have slower heart rates, rest more easily and are less vocal—similar to what the brain experiences during a rest-and-digest situation.”

The MowMow™ Pet Relaxer has been tested with numerous cats and dogs and the company has been amazed by the results after realizing the technology could significantly improve daily life for many pets and their owners. After a while, the device elicits an immediate response, letting pets know it’s time to relax, either before bed, when owners leave the house or any time you hope to create a calming and comforting environment for your dog or cat.

Spoltore, a professional musician from Philadelphia currently lives in Los Angeles. He has specialized in music therapy and has released dozens of relaxing music and meditation tracks in the past decade. Aside from creating the MowMow™ Pet Relaxer, he has also published a book about how to tune common instruments to a variety of sounds found in nature and the stars.

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The MowMow™ Pet Relaxer has a stylish, pet-proof design that is completely safe for your furry companions. The device is operated by simply switching an on/off button that can be set for automatic shut-off after two or four hours. For more information, or to purchase the MowMow™ Pet Relaxer, visit the MowMow™ campaign page on Kickstarter and receive an early-bird discount during crowdfunding.

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