Steve-O From Jackass Celebrates 10-Years Of Sobriety By Completing His First Triathlon

Steve-O of Jackass fame recently celebrated ten years of sobriety and did so by competing in his very first triathlon.

The life of a celebrity is not always as glamorous as it may appear on the surface, and it also might not last for very long. Someone can be famous one minute and seemingly disappear completely the next. The worst thing is even big fans might not even really realize, and years later we'll think to ourselves "I wonder what happened to them?"

Take the stars of Jackass, for instance. There was a time less than 20 years ago when Johnny Knoxville and his band of miscreants were on top of the world and everyone, of a certain age group and demographic at least, knew who they were. In 2018 that is no longer the case. The only Jackass star's fate that is well known is Ryan Dunn's who sadly passed away following a car accident in 2011.


What about Knoxville, though, and Bam Margera? Or better yet, what is Steve-O up to these days? He was the craziest member of the cast by far, right? That's why what he's doing now will likely surprise you. Steve-O has been sober for ten years and hasn't touched drugs or alcohol since his close friends, including Knoxville, feared for his health and persuaded him to go to rehab.

This past weekend marked a full decade of sobriety for Steve-O, he has also been vegan during that time period, and just to make the moment even more special, the star also completed his first ever triathlon. Steve-O posted a photo of himself after crossing the finish line revealing that he had finished tenth in his division. He did qualify that with the fact that his division was men's celebrity, but that is still pretty impressive.

Even though Steve-O has been on the road to good health for ten years, he has decided to try and make 2018 his healthiest year to date, hence the triathlon. He and the cast of Jackass did some pretty crazy things to their bodies for the show, and likely some not so great stuff off camera too, but it's great to see that Steve-O is going trying to reverse any damage that was done.


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