Sony's Robo-Dog Is A One-Of-A-Kind Companion With A Price Tag To Match

Sony is coming out with an expensive way to have an electronic pet — the Aibo robot dog.

It is going to be a rather sophisticated device and should have sensors as well as mapping tools so it can know the way around your home. While this tech is all fancy and pretty useful, the actual Aibo is going to run you a pretty penny. According to CNET, the price will be $2,899. That's fairly heavy considering you're basically getting a robot dog.

It's also said that the dog will know when to go to it's charging station and even be capable of recognizing up to one-hundred different faces as well as log interaction with people. This means that if someone is very nice to it, the dog, in theory, should be very nice back and vice versa.

All of this when combines mean that the artificial intelligence of the device or dog can then create a unique personality, much like a normal animal.

Sony actually said: "No two Aibo companion robots are the same."


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This is essential for people who either have a lot of money to blow or just don't want the responsibility of owning an actual animal. So, if you're fairly lazy, you might find this useful since you could hug your robot friend instead of finding that you've got a skeleton of a dog in the living room.

This robot dog should be capable of being purchased for the holidays that are a mere few months away. This means it will likely be a gift to all the kids who want a dog but have parents that know the kid won't take care of it. It's also going to be a fairly serious piece of tech, owning one will do more than just satisfy one's personal pet needs, it will teach people how to actually handle animals and make them behave correctly.

That said, it might find itself being used most often in training centers for people who want to work with animals in a long-term profession. If this was the case, it could seriously aid the level of understanding people have of dogs and even artificial intelligence.

Japanese people seem to not really care whether or not the Aibo is useful or not. They've actually already bought a whopping 20,000 of these things since January. That's a large number and it really shows that people want to have a pet without any of the responsibility or rather a fraction of it.


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