Studies Show That Skiing & Kayaking Is Beneficial To Women's Mental Wellbeing

A survey of almost 3000 women revealed that those who ski and kayak reported higher levels of mental wellbeing.

Mental health is thankfully something we as a society seem to be taking more and more seriously. That illnesses and issues which don't necessarily manifest physically should be taken just as seriously as those that do. There are obviously things in our lives that cause us to suffer mentally, but there are also ways in which we can improve and strengthen our mental wellbeing.

It may sound like a really obvious thing to say, but getting out of the house can really do wonders. In fact, a study undertaken by a research project known as Women In Adventure wanted to know what outdoor activities are best when it comes to women's mental wellbeing. They went about doing so by surveying 2700 women from 44 different countries, and Adapt Network has reported the results.


The most telling revelation of all was that 94.9% of the women surveyed strongly agreed that taking part in outdoor activities positively impacts their mental wellbeing. Of the eleven activities listed, it turns out women who kayak on a regular basis topped the list for feeling well mentally. Skiing came in a close second. Considering the setting when you ski, we totally get that.

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Kayaking and skiing aren't exactly activities that most of us have regular access to. Never fear though, as more everyday activities also rendered positive results. Cycling was near the top of the list, as was swimming. Far more easily accessible activities. Strangely, surfing came in dead last of the activities listed. However, surfers also reported having a much lower anxiety level.

The strangest finding of all from the survey was the mental wellbeing of women who partake in outdoor activities overall. It found that those who took part in the study actually have a lower sense of mental wellbeing than the UK average. That's not necessarily an excuse to stay cooped up inside, though. It likely panned out that way as the women who took part in the study were mostly individuals who regard their mental wellbeing as being of the utmost importance, so simply think about it more whether it be up or down.

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