Simple (And Strange) Ways To Decrease Risk Of Developing Dementia In The Future

Based on new studies, a list has been released of ridiculously easy behaviors to put into practice in order to lessen the chances of developing dementia down the road.

It can be difficult to think of things like dementia when you're out there living your best millennial life but if you follow these simple brain hacks, you just might find yourself sitting pretty in your golden years and thanking your younger self for taking action now.

Dementia is a disease that makes daily functioning extremely difficult for those it affects. Patients have a hard time remembering names, places, daily tasks and even faces of their family members, making the disease painful for loved ones of the patient as well. It mainly affects senior citizens and while so much of the disease remains a medical mystery as far as contracting it, it might be a comfort to know that there are ways to lessen the risk of becoming a victim to this terrible disease one day.



According to Health and Fitness CheatSheet, the ways to prevent the risk of being diagnosed with dementia are bizarre - in the sense that they can prevent this disease - but also very simple as well. One easy practice to cut out of your life is sharing drinks. It might seem silly and harmless but a recent study found that people who have the herpes virus have a higher risk of dementia that people without herpes. Obviously, sharing drinks liberally is a way to increase chances of contracting herpes. Limiting random lip locks and practicing safe sex is a good rule of thumb as well.

Cutting down on late night snacks is another way to prevent dementia. This is because not eating at night forces your body to burn ketones which is a healthier fuel for your brain versus burning carbohydrates, which happens when you indulge in a midnight snack.

You've likely heard the famous Bessie Anderson Stanley quote, “Live well, Laugh often, Love much” before. Well, it turns out that laughing often has been found as a good way to promote brain activity which maintains your brain's cognitive functioning. Daily chuckling can also help to lower stress and anxiety so bring on the funnies!



Other ways to prevent dementia that you can easily achieve are to get a good night's sleep (7 to 9 hours is recommended), being as social as possible (studies suggest that lonely people are twice as likely to develop the disease), cutting fast food out of your diet (and other foods with high sodium content), running 15 miles per week (studies found that runners were 40% less likely to have dementia), drinking a single glass of red wine every night and playing puzzles like Sudoku as often as possible.

A couple of other ways to prevent dementia may not be easy to avoid depending on your lifestyle. A 2017 study discovered that people who lived in cities with both air and noise pollution had a 40% greater chance of developing dementia. Another study revealed that people who have suffered concussions have a significantly greater risk of developing dementia. If you are stuck in a big city and have already had a concussion, don't fret too much. As many of these "dementia hacks" that you can adapt into your every day routine can help your chances of not developing the disease later on in life.

To your health!

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