10 Simple Office Ideas That Made People Millionaires

When working 9 to 5 in an office setting, there are so many gadgets that are used throughout the day. We have come to depend on many of these office essentials and would be totally lost without them. Imagine not being able to print documents or use a calculator. It would be really time-consuming to manually write out everything. The school days of using long division would come back to haunt us. Without these handy office essentials, life would be very, very different. Let's take a seat, pull out our notes and delve into 10 simple office ideas that made people millionaires...

10 Printer

Johannes Gutenberg was an inventor who changed the world drastically. He invented the movable-type printing press. This invention allowed for the mass production of books and created a huge impact on the world. Printers have evolved over time and you can now find them in almost every home and office. They are essential in everyday administrative use. In 1938 printing evolved into a dry printing process with the help of Chester Carlson. Printers are sold in many different varieties and can range from $300 to a whopping $20,000! These high prices are for specialized 3D printers to ones with 24-carat gold plating!

9 Post Its

The real inventor of the post-It is, in fact, Arthur Fry and not Romy White from Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. Post-Its have not been around that long actually. They were only invented in 1974. Post Its are an absolute essential for everyday office use. We use them to remind ourselves of our latest deadline and also scribble our grocery list onto. Technology continues to take over the world and we are become more paperless by the day. Post Its have been adapted to come in computer form and are still widely used. Please take note that this handy invention has stuck millions in Fry's bank account. He has an estimated net worth of $10 million currently.

8 Hi-Liter

Let us draw your attention to an amazing product and high light why it is so great. When reading long documents, it is easy to continue to just scroll through it page after page. Hi-liting important information helps the brain to retain the information. The easy to see sections now allow you to go back and go over the vital information quickly and simply. Dr. Frank Honn is to thank for this genius product. Hi-liters were launched in the early 1960s and have changed studying habits since. Draw your attention to the fact that hi-liters are used in almost every office worldwide. There is no question that that definitely brightens up the company's worth!

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7 Conference Call

Let's dial into one of the most used office tools ever: the conference call. This tool allows for multiple people to have a phone conversation at the same time from all over the world. It is a gadget that most office workers have used at one point in their lives. Some users lead the call and others chime in with the "I completely agree" response at every five-minute intervals. Bell Labs is responsible for introducing this device to the modern world. It has changed the way of communication between countries and businesses immensely. Today, Bell Labs is co-owned by AT&T and Nokia with an estimated net worth of $16.6 billion!

6 Water Cooler

In 1906 Halsey Willard Taylor and Luther Haws invented the water cooler. Little did they know that this item would be essential in almost every office to date. Their intentions were to supply chilled and purified water to their customers. You may have heard of the expression "water cooler talk". Every employee at some point takes a fiver to chat about their past times while gathered around the cooler. Water coolers have become a place to take a break and not just hydrate. Some water coolers can range from a mere $30 a month to a whopping $1800 per unit! You might need to splash some cold water on your face to swallow those numbers.

5 Footrest

Most employees daydream about putting their feet up and relaxing on the beach during their workday. With the footrest, this is almost possible with a lot of imagination. Footrests can improve blood circulation and they help to reduce pressure on your legs. Sitting in the same position for eight hours a day can really take a toll on your body. The footrest dates back to ancient Egypt and has been around for centuries. Footrests have evolved over the years and are used in many ways. There are ottomans used in the household as well as by your feet in your car while driving and surely at the office.

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4 Calculator

We can thank Blaise Pascal for the invention of the calculator. Mathematics has been around for centuries. The first form of a calculator was the abacus originating in China. Blaise Pascal later developed an adding machine around the mid-1600s. As the tool became more useful in everyday life, it was only a matter of time before the calculator got patent. Frank Steven Baldwin did so in 1875. Today, there is a wide range of different kinds of calculators from pocket calculators to mechanical calculators. One of the most expense calculators to date is the 16th-century Grillet Portable Calculator that is worth $155, 000!

3 Stapler

Now we are talking about one of the biggest staples to office supplies: the stapler. Thanks to Charles Henry Gould we are able to compile our sheets of paper securely. You no longer have to worry about papers getting loose and disappearing if you staple them. There is approximately $80 million worth of staplers sold each year. These numbers secure the fact that this office tool has changed the game. Staplers have evolved over time but remain essential to everyday use. Whether it is compiling your latest essay or literally stapling human flesh together for medical procedures, the stapler is here to stay.

2 Cubicle

In 1967 Robert Propst changed the office environment forever. He invented the cubicle also known as "Action Office II". It makes sense to designate all of the employees into their own private space. This space still allows them to communicate with each other, yet have their own privacy. It has been proven that people working in cubicles are more productive than people who work in open workspaces. Ideally, every employee would want their own personal office, but most employers do not supply this. Cubicles are used in almost every office space. When the cubicle was first introduced it was really well received and viewed as liberating.

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1 Business Card

The idea of business cards actually dates back to the 17th century. They were first used to announce the arrival of a very important person coming into town. As time went on, they are now used much more for business purposes and not just identification. They are used worldwide and for many purposes. People carry them to sometimes identify that they have a medical condition. Others carry them for a humorous purpose. You can get really creative with your business cards and they really resonate with everybody. They are a representation of the image you would like to give off to others. Whatever business you are trying to get, using a card is the way to get it.

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