Simple Workouts For Beginners Who Don't Have Equipment

Getting fit is not an easy task and requires a lot of hard work. One thing that prevents many people from actually even bothering is the amount of time that is taken to get fit is the fact that it is expensive, especially if the gym is charging per month.

There are a few good ways you can get that exercise in without doing anything with weights or a treadmill. These might seem pretty obvious but it really requires some planning — you might not be able to run outside in the winter or during a rainstorm, but there are always options. You just need to know that planning and trying out new things is what's going to keep this a viable option compared to or in addition to going to the gym.

Before we begin, just make sure to stay hydrated when exercising and don't push yourself too hard without proper knowledge of how far you can go.

Let's start with the basics — a simple push up. These will work your core and can also work out different parts of the body depending on where your arms are located.

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To assume this position, you'll want to lie down on the ground and simply put your hands at shoulder length apart. Your back should also be straight before and after your push yourself up. A good goal is doing ten correct push-ups, but as you continue your fitness journey, you'll surely add more.

The next exercise is something that almost everyone has done before — running. This is a great way to build up endurance and burn some calories — just be safe and make sure you're on a road that has little to no traffic. If you can't run, swimming in a pool is a great way to burn calories and gain endurance.


However, if you don't have a pool to swim in and a street to run on, then you can do burpees. Never done one before? It's pretty simple. Start by squatting down then quickly move your feet back behind your hips into the push-up position. Then, quickly hop your feet into the squat position. From there just put your hands in the sky and jump up, using your lower body to thrust. Then, just rinse and repeat the action over and over. Although there are different ways to do a burpee, this is likely the one that is good for beginners who are just getting into exercising and don't want to go to a gym.

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Next up, you'll get moving on the ground. Lay down flat on your back. Then just slightly lift your legs up and hold them there. You will move them in and out, make sure that you separate them at the same time. So, it's like opening and closing your legs while holding the weight of them up. This is good for building up the leg muscles.

This exercise kind of sounds really difficult, but it is not. You can certainly get it done with some effort and it's great for those muscles that might not be easy to tone. This time it's the abs. Many people want to show them but just don't know how to actually get them in the first place. Well, the exercise known as the reverse crunch does just that.

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To begin this exercise lie down on your back, spread your arms out and make sure your legs are in the air. Be sure to bend your legs as if you were sitting down on a chair. Next, you should exhale as you try to use your hips and legs to try and roll your spine. However, you should only do this a little bit as you wouldn't be able to exercise anymore if you break any bones. The last part is fairly simple, you'll just need to slowly bring your body back to the starting position. This exercise is heavily based on form and that's why you need to keep it as best as you can. A good tip that many people follow is making sure your knees are directly positioned with your hips as you try to roll back a little bit. Stop doing this right away if you feel pain in your back.

This next exercise is certainly one to conjure up some questions in your head. It's called Contralateral Limb Raises and it works out the back, buttocks, hips, and even shoulders.

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The first step is lying down prone with your arms and legs extended. Make sure the palms of your hands are facing each other and your toes are facing away from your body. Then you'll slowly raise one arm or leg a few inches, then lower them and repeat this exercise until all arms and legs are down. Although, some people tend to speed this one up by doing one arm and an opposite leg and vice versa.

Obviously, a gym membership is the best way to whip yourself back in shape, but if you're short on money or time, these exercises are great and can show results!


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