10 Things You Didn't Know About Shane Dawson

In this forever-connected and always-online world, there’s no escaping the fact that if you can get your face out there and people like it, you can make it big — you can become an "Online Personality.” Shane Dawson is one of those people. Known as a YouTube celebrity due to his rise to fame primarily on the online video site, Shane has made quite a name for himself on the Inter-webs.

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But do you know everything about him? Did you know these 10 obscure facts about Shane? We may have dug up some things you didn’t know. Get out your Shane Dawson trivia bingo card and let’s find out.

10 His Last name is Actually Yaw

Like most things on the Internet these days, you can’t be sure if what you’re looking up or viewing is real or a joke. You’d think that a person’s name might be one of the few things that you might trust. You’d think that if you present yourself as a personality, as an influencer, you’d want to use your actual name. Not the case with Shane Dawson, or should we say, Shane Yaw?

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Yes, born Shane Lee Yaw, Shane had his name changed from Yaw to Dawson as per the advice of an agent. Additionally (so he says) he changed it to avoid the trolls and haters, as the comments would be directed as the Dawson guy and not Yaw (y’all); clever.

9 He Started his Channel in 2008

It’s hard to think that YouTube hasn’t always been here for us to enjoy, that it wasn’t always part of your life like there was a time before YouTube. But yes, there did exist a time before YouTube and that was a dark period for humanity let me tell you. Luckily YouTube was launched on February 14th, 2005 (Yes, Valentine's Day) and all of our existences were made significantly better.

Shane, going by Dawson now, is looking to experiment with this brand new website that had launched just a few years before. So what does he do? He starts a channel, on March 10th, 2008, Shane Dawson begins his YouTube adventure. The channel’s name? “ShaneDawsonTV.”

8 He’s a New York Times Bestselling Author (No, Really)

Outside of YouTube, Shane attempted in 2015 to make a name for himself in the literary world. With a memoir cringingly called “I Hate Myselfie” Shane explains 18 real “Life Experiences” and how they affected him.

This “Memoir” (according to Simon and Schuster) went on to be an NYT and Wall Street Journal bestselling book and received positive reviews from reputable outlets such as AccessHollywood and The Guardian. God knows how it became a bestseller though, I guess that whoever is in charge of these decisions thought that the planet had a few hundred excess trees that it really wanted to get rid of.

7 Shane Also Makes Music

Not content with being just on YouTube and in all of your local bookstores, Shane has also tried his hand at music. Yes, Shane is also an accomplished musician and will be performing at your local shopping mall any day now, buy those tickets, beat the rush!

Anyway, Shane’s music focuses primarily on parodies and spoofs of more popular songs; these more popular songs tend to be parodies of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. To date, Shane has released over 15 songs online; all with accompanying music videos available to watch on YouTube. If you’re a fan of Shane and you didn’t know that he’s made music, go and give it a listen, it won’t be too hard to find.

6 He Has His Own Make-Up and Merch Brand

This is Shane’s most recent adventure, introducing “The Conspiracy Palette.” Collaborating with fellow Internet celebrity Jeffree Star (who Shane also recently made a documentary series about) the Conspiracy eyeshadow palette launched Nov. 1st (in the UK) and as someone who knows nothing about make-up, I won’t pretend to know if what it contains is worth your money. If you’re interested, Google it. It's real.

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In addition to the make-up, the Conspiracy brand also includes clothing and accessories such as mirrors and tracksuits. Will this be the big 2019 Xmas gift to buy for all your friends and family? Only time will tell.

5 He Doesn’t Believe that We Went to the Moon

In his incredibly popular videos that focus on conspiracy theories, Shane often makes jokes at the expense of some of the more ridiculous conspiracies in order to be comical, however, this isn’t always the case. Within his video “MOON LANDING CONSPIRACY THEORY” the well-informed Shane ends his segment on the moon landing conspiracies by distancing himself from any implication that he might believe it by saying, that it is a theory.

He continues by saying that the evidence is not looking good. Now there’s nothing wrong with expressing your views (whether their right or wrong) but if you have a large audience like Shane here and you say something that is controversial, all you do is spread misinformation and create backlash. Speaking of which...

4 He’s a Man of Many Controversies and Apologies

Controversies and apology videos are to Shane’s channel what peanuts are to a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which is then force-fed to a child with a deadly nut allergy. This shouldn’t be the case for someone in the position that Shane is in, but it keeps happening.

From making inappropriate pedophile jokes to using the N-word and performing in Blackface. In this mundane dystopia that we all find ourselves in, all you need to do in order to continue to do what you do and learn nothing is to make an apology video. I guess as long you claim anything as a “learning experience” the world will let most things slide, this is all good to know.

3 His Net Worth is $12 Million

With all of the enterprises that Shane’s involved with and his massive online popularity, it’s not surprising that his net worth is quite high; $12 million high to be exact. What’s interesting to note is that $12 million sounds like quite a lot for a YouTuber, but it’s not when compared to his online colleagues.

To name just a few, Sean McLoughlin, also known as JackSepticEye has a net worth of $16 million. Logan Paul unsurprisingly has a net worth of $19 million despite his numerous controversies. Lastly, Felix Kjellberg, the god-king of the YouTubes, aka PewDePie has a net worth calculated at $20 million.

2 He’s made Documentaries

From launching a make-up brand to blessing us with his musical abilities, it seems that Shane can and will do anything and receive enormous fanfare when he does it. So when you make vlogs and conspiracy theory videos for a living why not try your hand at legitimate documentary filmmaking, the skills required to do both are so overlapping.

Jokes aside, Shane has completed several documentary or docu-series projects in the last few years, from The Secret World of Jeffree Star (his future make-up collaborator) to his The Mind of Jake Paul. Although well made, much like his other projects, Shane has received many criticisms towards his documentaries and how they portray the mental health or personalities of the people those projects are focused on.

1 He has 22.9 Million Subscribers

Let’s end this list with some sweet number facts about Shane Dawson that are sure to interest the number-philes out there. For these facts, I will be using the source Social Blade, which keeps records of the subscriber counts, rankings and viewership of all of your favorite online channels and accounts.

At time of this writing, Shane Dawson’s Social Blade statistics show that his subscriber ranking worldwide is the 88th, that his subscriber count is 22.9 million strong, he is the 5th highest comedy channel online and within the last 30 days, Shane Dawson has earned between $30.7K - $493.1K in income. Damn, Dawson!

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