Shane Dawson & Friends Net Worth (Including Jeffree Star)

Shane Dawson is inarguably one of the most popular personalities on YouTube, and is about to get more popular now that he's collaborated with fellow YouTuber (and make-up mogul) Jeffree Star to release his own make-up line! Many of Shane's friends—including Jeffree—appear so frequently in his videos that fans fondly refer to the group as Shane's "squad."

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Shane's squad consists of fellow YouTubers' and influencers, so not only are their jobs pretty cool—their net worth is too! Here are the estimated net worths of Shane and nine of his close friends who you'll often see goofing off with him in his videos.

10 Drew Monson - $200,000

Drew Monson created his YouTube channel "mytoecold" when he was just a kid in 2007, but was already sharing Shane's off-beat and off-color sense of humor at that age. When Drew was cast in Shane's 2014 film Not Cool, the two became fast friends. Drew appeared in Shane's video for years, but eventually decided the Los Angeles life wasn't for him and moved away. Though they no longer live in the same area, they remain friends. Drew still uploads the occasional video on his channel, but most of his focus is now on music. A pianist and songwriter, Drew has released an album and an EP.

9 Andrew Siwicki - $300,000

When Shane began creating videos longer in length, he decided to hire someone to help film and edit. That's where Andrew Siwicki comes in! While he was once a faceless cameraman, he now is an internet personality all on his own. Though he's had some more conventional, 9-5 internships in the past, Andrew quickly fell in love with helping influencers edit their videos for the now-defunct app Vine. He then switched to YouTube, but never appeared on-camera until Shane decided to reveal him. Now, he's a beloved member of the squad.

8 Morgan Adams - $400,000

Morgan Adams never had plans to become a YouTube star, but she took to it like a fish to water. After her brother, Ryland, began dating Shane and starting a YouTube channel of his own, Morgan made frequent appearances on both of their videos.

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She quickly charmed the audiences with her fun and relatable personality, and was encouraged to take a risk by moving to Los Angeles and beginning a YouTube career of her own. Morgan now has millions of subscribers and, sweetly enough, isn't just the younger sister of Ryland anymore. Shane considers her his sister too!

7 Garrett Watts - $500,000

Garrett Watts met Shane on a dating app, and after one awkward date, the two decided to be friends. But this wasn't your typical "let's just be friends" rejection -- they really did become the best of friends! Garrett had already gained some internet traction after making silly videos on Vine, but it wasn't until he started appearing in Shane's videos that he gained true viral fame. He was no stranger to the entertainment and comedy industries before, having worked as a digital content creator for Funny or Die and as a casting coordinator for Nigel Lythgoe Productions. Now, he's known as an eager and adorable member of Shane's squad!

6 Ryland Adams - $800,000

Ryland Adams studied broadcast journalism and did freelance hosting work for AFI, Revolt TV, and Awesomeness TV before becoming a permanent host at Clevver News. Like many love stories of this day and age, Ryland met Shane on a dating app in 2016. Ryland made various appearances in Shane's videos before Shane finally popped the question earlier this year.  Now, Ryland is happily engaged to Shane as well as a YouTuber in his own right. He left his job at Clevver and began working on his own channel full-time, and has seen major success as a result!

5 Tana Mongeau - $1 million

After the controversial Tana Mongeau created her YouTube channel and began telling hilarious stories about her wild life, she quickly gained millions of subscribers. After Tana attempted to throw a convention for YouTube fans that ultimately failed, Shane made a documentary about the situation where he investigated how responsible Tana was for the fiasco.

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Tana's scandalous life has only helped her career, resulting in a reality show on MTV and a marriage to fellow influencer Jake Paul. While Shane and Tana seem to run in different crowds, they appear to still be close. Tana even accepted Shane's Streamy Award last year when Shane was unable to attend the ceremony.

4 Lisa Schwartz - $2 million

Lisa Schwartz a.k.a "Lisbug" on YouTube captured Shane's heart in 2011, and the two dated for four years before parting ways. Even though they are no longer a couple, they are still close friends and appear in each other's videos all of the time. Outside of YouTube, Lisa does the voice of Angela on the animated series Talking Tom and Friends. She also just released her first book, entitled Thirty-Life Crisis: Navigating My Thirties, One Drunk Baby Shower At A Time. Shane even wrote the foreword for the memoir! While Lisa continues to work on other projects in the entertainment industry, she always manages to make content for her loyal YouTube fans.

3 Trisha Paytas - $4 million

If Tana Mongeau is the princess of controversy, Trisha Paytas is the queen. Trisha has had quite an exciting life outside of her YouTube career -- she was a stripper and an escort for a time before starting to nab small roles in television. Outside of acting, she writes books (usually drawing inspiration from her own scandalous life) and releases music (so far, 8 EP's and 35 singles.) Throughout all of this,  Trisha also maintains her YouTube channel and does not shy away from exposing the good, the bad, and the ugly of her personal life. Despite all the drama, she and Shane have been friends for years. There's even a shade called "Trisha" in Shane's newly released eyeshadow palette!

2 Shane Dawson - $12 million

Shane discovered the YouTube platform before many other influencers did, giving him a headstart in his career. He began making comedy sketches and recording music parodies in 2008, and went so viral that he gained opportunities in the entertainment industry outside of the internet. He directed and starred in the film Not Cool in 2014 and has released two books. Shane stuck with the comedy thing for a while before taking a risk and beginning to make documentaries on his channel - which resulted in the already famous YouTuber becoming even more viral. His latest project? Teaming up with Jeffree Star to release his own make-up line (and filming the process, of course.)

1 Jeffree Star - $50 million

Like Shane, Jeffree is one of the earliest examples of internet fame. His outlandish looks and shocking personality gained him a huge following on MySpace, and he even had a music career for a time. He then migrated from MySpace to YouTube, where he reviewed and showed off make-up products. After he started his own makeup line, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, his net worth shot sky-high. Shane and Jeffree became close after Shane made a documentary exploring Jeffree's crazy life, and Jeffree helped bring Shane's make-up dreams to fruition. Their make-up collaboration ended up shutting down websites and leaving stores out of stock due to its success!

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