Sex & The City: 10 Carrie Bradshaw Outfits We'd Still Wear Today (& How Much They Cost)

Everyone knows that Sex and the City is a show about dating and relationships in New York, but it’s also a show about fashion. Protagonist Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) is definitely not an expert on men—evidenced by the mistakes she makes over and over again with Big—but she does know a thing or two about designer clothes and styling herself to look like a goddess.

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Some Carrie outfits are obviously dated, but others are still as amazing today as they were in the early 2000s. We would definitely still rock some of these outfits, even though we could never afford to. Here are 10 Carrie Bradshaw outfits we’d still wear today (and how much they cost).

10 The Iconic Tutu

If there’s a single piece of Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe that’s more iconic than all the rest put together, it’s the iconic tutu that she wears in the opening credits. In the movie, as Carrie is cleaning out her closet, she also tries on the tutu once more for the girls, who agree that she needs to take it with her when she moves in with Big. For sure, we would wear this tutu today.

And how much does it cost? According to Harper’s Bazaar, a measly $5. That’s right, the show’s costume designer Patricia Field really didn’t have to pull a lot of strings to get her hands on this iconic piece.

9 The Versace Couture Gown

So there you go. Some of Carrie’s Wardrobe is nowhere near as expensive as you’d think it would be. Then there are other pieces that are way more expensive. We can confidently say that Carrie makes way more money than most freelance writers to be able to buy dresses like the Versace Couture gown that she wears in Paris while waiting for Petrovsky.

We would definitely wear this dress, which is something Sarah Jessica Parker herself may wear, but something tells us we won’t ever get the chance. $80,000 for a single dress is a little out of our price range!

8 The Vivienne Westwood Suit

Carrie has so much style when she goes to work at Vogue. Of course, it’s Vogue. You won’t be well-received there if you don’t have any style! We love every outfit that she wears when she visits the offices, but our favorite has to be this Vivienne Westwood suit. How can you not get hired when you look like that!

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Unfortunately, this suit is also a little out of our price range (although it cost a pittance compared to that Versace gown!). According to Elle, this suit cost $1,200. You can tell by looking at it that it comes with a hefty price tag. Super sophisticated!

7 Dickie’s Original Striped Overalls

There are times in the show when Carrie looks super chic and you can tell that she spent a fortune on her outfit. Other times, she looks decidedly less chic (but still super stylish). One of our favorite low-key Carrie looks are these Dickie’s Original Striped Overalls which she wears when her computer crashes.

We would totally wear these, and as it turns out, we actually can! They cost $40 and Carrie is still the most stylish person in the IT shop. We don’t love Carrie’s attitude here, as she gets angry with Aidan for trying to help with her computer, but we do love her look.

6 The Halston Dress From The Second Movie

As Carrie’s story progresses, the outfits get much more sophisticated and much more expensive. She begins as a struggling freelance writer wearing $5 tutus and ends up with a closet full of designer dresses that make her look as if she’s always walking in a fashion show. We would definitely still wear this Halston dress, which costs $525.

The accessories she’s wearing with the dress aren’t any cheaper. Her sunglasses are $525, her Christian Louboutins are $3,135, and her Chanel clutch is $3,295. There’s also the Solange Azagury-Partridge necklace, which you can get for a cool $225,000.

5 The Classic Fur Coat

We love it when Carrie outfit-repeats. It makes us feel better when we do it! Once item that she wears quite a few times is her classic fur jacket. She wears it in the final episode when talking to Big on the phone, and in the movie when running to Miranda’s on New Year’s Eve. And while fur jackets can come with quite a large price tag, Carrie’s was a vintage bought at a consignment shop for $200. We would totally still wear it!

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As for the rest of the outfit, her vintage silk dress cost anywhere from $900 to $1,100, according to Refinery 29. Her cashmere scarf was between $120 and $150, as was her vintage belt.

4 The Roberto Cavalli Blouse

Aidan doesn’t like this Roberto Cavalli blouse, but we sure do. And so does Carrie. Even though she agrees to throw it out to make space for his clothes, they end up compromising because we see her wearing it at the end of the episode. She’s also already worn it once by the time Aidan tells her to throw it out—at a Union Square book signing in December 1999.

The blouse was found at a sample sale, where it was purchased for $250. Though not everyone could pull it off, we think Carrie looks amazing in this blouse.

3 The Newspaper Dress

One of the most iconic dresses in the history of the show has to be the famous “Newspaper” dress. Carrie wears this when she goes to apologize to Natasha for having her affair with Big and it sticks with the audience for the rest of the series. We would wear this just because it’s so iconic!

The dress is by John Galliano for Christian Dior and came out of the 2000 Spring Collection. It cost approximately $1,500. Carrie pairs it with Christian Louboutins, adding $3,325 to the overall price of her outfit.

2 The Badgley Mishka Non-Wedding Gown

In the movie, Carrie wears a very lavish wedding gown gifted to her by Vivienne Westwood, as well as a bunch of other designer wedding dresses for a magazine shoot. But that’s not the only time she comes close to getting married. There’s also the white Badgley Mischka gown she wears in the episode that she and Aidan break up for good. Though it’s white, it’s definitely not a wedding dress because Carrie is with Aidan and not Big.

Despite not being an official wedding dress, the gown is beautiful and we would wear it. It costs $3,520 and makes Carrie look stunning.

1 The Ralph Lauren Suit

In the Sex and the City movies, Carrie’s style has evolved well beyond that of a wannabe fashionista living in New York City. She’s a full fashion guru by this stage, which is made obvious by the way she sports outfits like this divine Ralph Lauren suit.

As we’ve pointed out, she must be making a lot of money from her books at this stage, because the outfits keep getting more expensive. While the shirt is $145, the suit is $119, and the tie is $215, there’s also Carrie’s clutch. Judging by a very similar clutch by Judith Leiber, this get-up costs a total of $3,920.

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