Selena Gomez Vs. Bella Hadid: We Analyze 20 Photos Of The Weeknd With His Famous GFs

The Weeknd has had some high profile relationships during his years in the spotlight. In fact, he is well known for dating two girls who are super famous and talented as well: Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid. Naturally, the press just loved these relationships. Young stars falling in love, having on and off relationships with just enough drama sprinkled in? You bet that the tabloids will be all over it.

Now, there are some rumors flying about The Weeknd’s relationship status once again — according to US Magazine, The Weeknd (whose real name is Abel) was spotted with Bella being affectionate at Cannes Film Festival. So, now that the sparks might be flying once again, the cameras are all over them. But there are still some fans out there who wish that he would get back together with Selena. Obviously, no one knows what the future will hold — but why not take a walk down memory lane and look back on both of these relationships? We’ve got plenty of photos of Abel with both Selena and Bella — sometimes when they didn’t even realize that the cameras were watching. Here are 20 photos of The Weeknd with Selena and Bella — let’s analyze their body language.

20 Selena: Is He Looking Distracted?

Via vogue.com

First of all, we just want to start off by saying how gorgeous Selena looks in that dress. She doesn’t show up on the red carpet wearing pastel pink very often, but she pulls it off so well here, even with the long sleeves and high neckline. It’s very unique — we love it. But despite the fact that she looks so adorable, Abel isn’t even looking at her here. Hmmm, was there trouble in paradise on this particular night out? Selena is tugging at her hair in this photo, which could be a sign that she was feeling a little anxious about something.

According to Vogue, Selena says that she does get anxious quite often, so this is likely. Fidgeting like that is often a sign of nervousness — maybe she was trying to tell him something important and they were in the midst of an awkward conversation.

Looking someone in the eye during a conversation is known as a sign of respect. It’s also a sign that you’re paying close attention to what they’re saying. It doesn’t look like Abel is too interested in anything Selena is telling him. They do not look particularly happy and connected in this photo.

19 Bella: When He Wanted Her Back

Via celebrityinsider.com

Now, who could forget this iconic moment? In case you missed this Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, we’ve got the full back story for you, so you’re about to get all the details. Basically, Bella and Abel had recently broken up. But she was reaching new heights in her modeling career, and his songs were more popular than ever, so naturally, they were still bound to cross paths.

According to US Magazine, Bella was scheduled to walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2016, and Abel was slated to perform — and neither of them was going to back out of a great opportunity like that, even if they were no longer together. However, it did mean that they would run into each other in a very public way.

When Bella walked by Abel, it was clear that he was still in love with her — you can just see the smile on his face peeking out from behind the microphone. Bella is trying hard not to look at him, but there is just no doubt that she misses him, too. Now, doesn’t every girl want to look that good when she walks past her ex? Maybe that’s why he just couldn’t forget about her after all.

18 Selena: He Seems Frustrated, She's Indifferent

Via pinterest.com

So, let’s take a look at this paparazzi shot of Selena and Abel. First of all, we have to start off by complimenting Selena on her outfit again — this girl has some serious style. Just check out those high-waisted, bell bottom pants — how many girls can really pull those off? Not many! However, once again, we can’t help but notice that despite the fact that Selena looks so good, Abel is not even looking at her. Now, we might be able to let him off the hook here — there are a couple different reasons why he might be making that face. He definitely doesn’t look happy, that’s for sure!

He may just be annoyed that he is getting his picture taken — after all, seeing the paparazzi everywhere can probably get pretty annoying. According to NME, he often prefers a little more privacy these days, although he wouldn’t trade his music career for anything. But could he also be upset about something that Selena just said?

After all, she doesn’t look super happy either — she seems fairly indifferent to everything going on. Or maybe she’s giving him the cold shoulder because they’re bickering. Either way, they definitely seem irritated in this photo.

17 Bella: Staying Low Key While Leaving The Club

Via gotceleb.com

It’s genuinely hard to tell how Bella and Abel feel in this photo — but let’s have a little bit of fun and speculate anyway! We may not be relationship experts, but gossiping about celebrity romance is just so entertaining. So, in this photo, these two are clearly leaving a club after a night out. Bella is looking good with her French braids and beige leather jacket, and Abel is just rocking his signature iconic hairstyle — he doesn’t really need to accessorize with hair like that.

If they were having a good night out, you would never really know it from the looks on their faces. According to People, Bella may be a hard working model, but she still does enjoy going out pretty often — she’s young and famous, so let her have her fun, right? However, Abel has a fairly dark history when it comes to partying, so maybe he gets uncomfortable around that scene sometimes.

We may not know exactly what’s going through their heads, but anyone looking at this photo can tell that there’s a good chance that the night ended on a sour note. Neither of them are smiling or laughing — in fact, they both look super serious.

16 Selena: She's Got That "He's Mine" Look

Via eonline.com

Would you just look at the face Selena is making? She is just daring any girl around to look at her man, and she’s letting them all know exactly who she’s with. She is known around Hollywood for being a total sweetheart, but after looking at this photo, we’re getting the vibe that you would not want to mess with her. Oh, and we might just have to mention Selena’s outfits after every photo of her. Seriously, do you see that dress? According to Glamour, some people criticize this look, but honestly, she looks like a total knockout—Abel was quite a lucky man.

But we’re starting to see a pattern with some of these photos with Selena and Abel — have you noticed it, too? Once again, he’s not even looking at her!

It doesn’t seem to matter even if she’s looking her very best — can she even catch a second of this man’s attention? However, we’re going to cut him a little slack for it, just this once. It looks like they may have been moving through a crowd of photographers. He may have just been trying to help her get through the crowd as quickly as possible. It’s hard to tell!

15 Bella: He's Smiling, She's Serious

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So, in almost every photo that we’ve seen so far of Abel with either Selena or Bella, he’s not smiling. Maybe he just doesn’t like big celebrity events, or maybe he is just tired of having cameras in his face all the time. However, this photo is a little different. Just look at the difference between his smile and Bella’s serious look. Judging by their formal black outfits, it looks like they were leaving some sort of fancy dinner or other event — perhaps an awards ceremony.

Bella is looking dignified and mature in her little black dress with her hair pulled back. However, she does not look happy at all. Honestly, it’s starting to seem like photos of Abel and either of his ex-girlfriends looking happy together are few and far between — hmmm, maybe there were signs everywhere that these relationships were on shaky ground.

According to Elle, Bella was absolutely heartbroken when things ended between her and Abel, but for many people, their split did not come as a surprise — it was her first real relationship, and being young and in love can be crazy enough without being famous and super busy all of the time on top of it.

14 Selena: Lovebirds At The Art Museum

Via tumblr.com

Okay, have you ever daydreamed about going on a cute date to an art museum? It sounds so romantic — and it would be a nice break from the traditional “dinner and a movie” style dates, right? Well, Selena and Abel did just that, and someone snapped a few photos of them looking up at all of the beautiful paintings together. According to US Magazine, this photo was taken at an art museum in Florence, Italy called the Academia Gallery. Um, can you say dream vacation?

Wouldn’t we all like to jet off to Italy with a gorgeous celebrity partner? For now, we’ll just have to live vicariously through this photo of Selena and Abel.

Although they may not be talking or laughing in this photo, you can tell that the couple is simply so happy and content to be there together. They both look relaxed and engaged in the art — they are enjoying their date, but they probably do not want to attract a lot of attention to themselves. After all, you can see the other tourists milling around, so the museum was clearly open to the public, so they probably wanted to avoid being the center of attention for once.

13 Bella: Getting Cute And Cozy

Via tribune.com

Awww, this is such an adorable photo of Bella and Abel! Finally, here they are, looking happy together. According to E! News, this photo was taken at a Lakers game at Madison Square Garden back in 2017, a few months before they broke up. However, in this photo, you could never tell that they were headed for trouble. In fact, Bella looks completely blissed out. Just look at that gorgeous smile on her face. That is definitely the look of a girl who is head over heels in love. And the way she rests her head on his shoulder is just too cute.

She’s got both of her arms wrapped around his, and she clearly just wants to be cuddled up with him. While he isn’t looking directly at her, he is probably just watching the game — maybe he is more into sports than she is, and she tagged along simply because she wanted to spend some time with him.

Seeing this photo has us crossing our fingers that the rumors of them getting back together might be true. Looking at this picture makes it hard to believe that they ever walked away from each other — maybe they need a second chance.

12 Selena: Joking Around And Having A Good Time

Via tumblr.com

Okay, so we just spent a couple paragraphs gushing over that super cute picture of Abel and Bella at the Lakers game. But as it turns out, there are a few photos of Abel and Selena that are just as adorable. And honestly, it’s no wonder that this guy has broken so many hearts — we can’t even make a final judgment call on who was the better girlfriend for him. In some photos, both parties look unhappy, but in others, they seem to be having the best time ever — so, what’s the truth? Maybe we just need to analyze a couple more photos to get to the bottom of this mystery.

According to The Knot, this photo was taken at the Met Gala, and Selena was wearing a “bridal inspired” dress — hmmm, was she trying to drop a few hints for Abel?

We have no idea, but if so, she wasn’t being too subtle. That hot pink eyeshadow is perfect for a quirky, creative event like the Met Gala. It looks like Abel must have said something super funny, because she is just cracking up. It seems like they were having a ton of fun together on this particular night.

11 Bella: The Ultimate Power Couple Pose

Via pinterest.com

Um, we barely even know where to start with this photo, because it’s basically iconic. Seriously, one minute, we see a picture of Abel and Selena laughing hysterically at something and can’t help but wonder if maybe they could have made it work, and the next, a photo of Abel with Bella comes up and they look so stunning together that their chemistry just cannot be denied.

According to People, this photo was also taken at the Met Gala — yup, Abel has attended this event with Selena and Bella on separate occasions. What a player!

Now, let’s just take another look at this picture. It’s clear from this one photo alone that Bella was simply destined to be a model. Look at that pose! She is simply natural in front of the camera and on the runway — there’s no denying that. And the way that Abel is looking at her? Swoon. You can just see the love in his eye. He’s probably thinking, “Wow, this girl might be out of my league — and I’m such a lucky guy to be with someone like her.” It’s like you can physically see the chemistry between them somehow — they both look simply amazing.

10 Selena: Laughing And Loving Vacation

Via pinterest.com

This photo of Selena and Abel is so adorable. Once again, they really just look like they’re letting loose and having fun. According to Vogue, the couple spent some time in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on a nice vacation. Apparently, it was all Abel’s idea — he planned the whole thing as her 25th birthday celebration. Wow, how awesome — why can’t every guy be like that? Well, granted, most guys don’t have the kind of budget that he does, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

Anyway, let’s take a closer look at their body language in this photo. Clearly, you don’t need to be a psychologist to see that they are happy and having a carefree good time. It looks like they were just taking some cute vacation selfies. As usual, Selena looks great in her striped black dress, and those sunglasses are perfect for a South American getaway. It seems like Selena and Abel really enjoyed traveling together, which is generally a sign of a strong couple — after all, if you can deal with all the stresses of traveling together, you must really like each other. But maybe they were not as happy together whenever they came back home after vacations.

9 Bella: He Only Has Eyes For Her

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Where to begin with this photo? Once again, Abel and Bella prove that they were basically red carpet royalty when they were together. Bella is so naturally beautiful that it seems like Abel just can’t help but smile when he sees her dresses to the nines and showing the world what she’s made of. We love her style choice here — she is sticking with her usual all black attire, and this button down, silky blazer looks classy and mature. According to Pop Sugar, Bella loves to combine more upscale pieces with a casual vibe, and she loves outfits that show off her natural shape while still being modest. She has definitely achieved that with this jacket. It’s not super frilly and feminine, which sets her apart from the typical red carpet style.

So, what does their body language say here? Well, it looks like Abel is whispering something sweet in Bella’s ear. Awww, how sweet. We wish we could somehow find out what he was saying! Whatever it was must have been pretty cute — as you can see, Bella is smiling for the cameras, but we’re pretty sure that smile was just for Abel. They really did look good together.

8 Selena: Real Smiles For The Cameras

Via gala.com

Okay, we’re going to follow up that last photo of Bella and Abel with a red carpet photo of Selena and Abel in a similar pose — hey, we’ve got to compare things fairly. According to Vogue, this photo was taken at the Met Gala — you can tell because Selena is wearing the same hot pink eyeshadow as another photo from earlier. First of all, we need to mention her dress once again — as you may remember, it’s the “bridal-inspired” dress that we talked about earlier. Maybe Selena was trying to hint that she wanted to walk up the aisle — they kind of do look like they’re at a wedding in this photo. But let’s set those speculations aside for now and look at their body language. What are they saying without words?

Well, there’s no doubt that Selena is in a great mood. She is smiling and looking directly at Abel — she doesn’t even care that there’s a camera pointed at them. Abel looks like he might be making a comment to someone else, but he also looks pretty happy. Even though he’s slightly distracted, he’s smiling, and he has his arm around her waist — they look very comfortable together.

7 Bella: He's Not Looking Too Happy

Via gotceleb.com

It looks like there is a major difference between Bella’s emotions and Abel’s emotions in this picture. This is another photo of the couple leaving a club — judging by some of the spots that show up from the camera lens, it looks like it was raining. In fact, you can see one of their body guards holding an umbrella behind them.So maybe that’s the only reason that Abel looks like he’s in such a bad mood. But could there be something else going on? Let’s switch our focus to Bella for a second. She looks great in her tight leather dress — she was clearly ready for a big night out. She’s not looking directly at the cameras, but she is grinning at Abel.

Abel, on the other hand, is not looking at the cameras or Bella. In fact, he’s just sort of staring straight ahead without showing much emotion at all. Actually, we think that we can see a bit of a frown on his face. Look, maybe he’s just super tired — according to People, Abel and Bella initially split up because they were super busy. Perhaps he was just exhausted after a long day of work and a night out.

6 Selena: A One-Sided Conversation

Via hawtcelebs.com

So, how many photos of Selena and Abel can we find where Selena is looking directly at Abel, and he seems to be straight up ignoring her? This photo looks nothing like the photos of them on vacation or on the red carpet. Alright, let’s take a minute to think about Abel’s emotions here. Clearly, he seems much happier when he’s traveling the world with his girlfriend (honestly, who wouldn’t?) or attending a formal red carpet event.

However, whenever he is walking down the street with Selena and someone with a camera snaps a photo of them, he looks pretty sullen. It honestly seems like Selena isn’t doing anything wrong in these photos, but Abel just can’t stand the paparazzi. Unfortunately, if you release several best selling albums, that’s just going to be a fact of life. According to People, both of them do like their private time, so this could account for the attitude. Honestly, we can’t say that we blame them. Being the center of attention at all times must be exhausting, and most of us can’t really imagine what that’s like. Maybe these photos from the street are not the best way to judge their whole relationship.

5 Bella: Talking "Around" Him With Someone Else

Via cheatsheet.com

According to E! News, this photo is also from the Lakers game at Madison Square Garden that we mentioned earlier. Bella and Abel looked super happy in that first picture from this game — but are they just as happy in this photo? Hmmm, maybe, but it’s a bit harder to tell. Their body language will reveal everything. Basically, it’s pretty clear that Bella is trying to have a conversation with someone else — we have no idea what they are talking about, but it must have been important enough for her to push Abel back a bit and move him out of her way. We also can’t really see who exactly she’s talking to — it might be the older man who appears at the edge of the photo, but since we can’t see his face, it’s impossible to tell exactly who he is.

However, Abel does not seem to mind that she’s having a conversation that he’s not really included in. He seems to be quite entertained by the game — you can tell by the way he’s staring right at the court and smiling. Maybe our prediction from earlier — that he just likes sports more than Bella does — is the truth.

4 Selena: Giving Her The Umbrella

Via celebmafia.com

Getting stuck in the rain is no fun — unless you’re one of those super positive people who dances in the rain. We can’t really relate, but you do you. Anyway, in this photo of Selena and Abel, it was raining when the photographer snapped the shot. Once again, you can see the raindrops on the lens of the camera. Selena is looking cute and comfy with her graphic tee, ripped jeans, and bright red purse — even though her outfit is pretty casual, no girl wants her outfit to get ruined by the rain. Abel is letting her use the umbrella — so cute! We love a guy who is chivalrous enough to let his girl use the umbrella.

You can also see that he is trying to cover his hair from getting wet by using his hand. He had to at least try to protect those iconic dreads. You may have noticed that Abel actually ditched those famous dreads about two years ago. According to The Guardian, he said that they were getting so long that it was becoming hard for him to sleep. Although we definitely miss his old hairstyle — it was so unique — we can see why it was time for a change.

3 Bella: Selfie Time At The Party

Via malaymail.com

Who doesn’t like taking selfies with their boyfriend and their best friends at parties? Is it even a party if you didn’t get a selfie with your whole crew? Well, even though Bella and Abel probably have a million fancy red carpet photos of themselves, it looks like they still like taking selfies, just for the fun of it! According to People, Bella is a big fan of Instagram, and she loves having control over what she posts on the app and shows to her fans, so it totally makes sense that she would want loads of selfies with her boyfriend.

However, it doesn’t seem like Abel is really into the idea. What makes us think that? Well, just check out his body language here. While Bella is smiling, he has no expression on his face at all. Okay, maybe he really couldn’t stand the photo that they had just taken, and he’s telling her, “Alright, Bella, please don’t post this one.” Or maybe he’s just tired of taking selfies — after all, us girls could take selfies all day long, but guys usually get sick of it pretty quick! Maybe Abel is just not a huge fan of taking selfies.

2 Selena: Staying Comfy And Warm Together

Via pinterest.com

Honestly, winter is the best time of year to be in a relationship. Why? Well, because it’s the season to get warm and snuggly with your man. Hot chocolate by the fire, layering with flannels and sweaters for a bonfire, staying warm inside while daydreaming about sledding in the snow tomorrow...honestly, what could be more romantic? Plus, you get to take adorable holiday photos together. How cute is that? In this photo, it looks like Selena and Abel were totally embracing the romantic side of the winter months. They are both bundled up in thick sweaters and coats, and they are clearly trying to stay toasty in the cold weather.

And what’s the best part of the cold winter season when you’re in a relationship? Having any excuse to get close to each other, of course. And it looks like they are taking full advantage of that in this picture, without any inappropriate PDA. Abel has his arm wrapped around Selena to help her stay warm, and the two of them are also holding hands. Looks like they both forgot gloves — at least Abel has hit hat on!.According to People, this photo was clearly taken after the dreads were gone.

1 Bella: Barely Noticing Each Other

Via pinterest.com

As we mentioned earlier, according to People, Bella and Abel ended up going their separate ways because of their busy schedules. After all, Bella is one of the most sought after models in the world right now — she is always busy jetting off to new countries to walk down the runway for famous designers. And we can’t imagine what Abel’s touring schedule is like — when you’re one of the biggest artists in the world, you never seem to have a moment of downtime. You can clearly see why this was an issue in this photo.

Bella is totally focused on something that we can’t even see in the picture, and it’s clear that she is totally not thinking about Abel at all. And he’s not even looking at her, either. In fact, he’s totally engrossed in a phone call with someone else. And considering that he couldn’t even wait to get off the plane before making the call, it must be something important that he can’t tear his attention away from. Well, after taking a look at this picture, it’s easy to see why they broke up. They were both spread very thin with their schedules and had too many commitments.

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