Buying A Second Home: 5 Reasons To Be A City Slicker (And 5 To Retreat To The Country)

So, you are considering buying a second home. How exciting! But where do you want to it to be?  Well, you need to decide what you are hoping to get out of a second home. Is it excitement, fine dining, and cultural activities? That shouts big city. Is it an escape from the hustle and bustle of your life, an idyllic haven of peace and quiet? That says country living.

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Let's go through the points you need to consider. It's a question of your second home priorities. Here are 5 reasons you might want to be a city slicker and 5 reasons the country is the place for you.

10 City Slicker - Culture Vultures' Idea Of Heaven

Are you interested in the arts, theater, and museums? If so it may well be that you would want a second home in a big city, even if you are already living in a metropolis. No good buying in the country.

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Why? Well, it's simple really. You are likely to be bored with all that peace and quiet. Better for culture vultures to stay in the concrete jungle. You are just not going to find things like glass art in a small town or village.

9 Country - Front Porch Therapy

It's not just the slower pace of life that recommends the country to burned-out city types. There is just something about sitting in a rocking chair and slowly rocking that clears out the cobwebs and connects you with your surroundings.

You actually stop doing and just enjoy the ride. Did you know that using a rocking chair increases blood flow around the body? You might even find yourself nodding off. And that's a good thing.

8 City Slicker - A Spot (Or A Lot) Of Retail Therapy

Rocking chair therapy is all well and good. But does the thrill of whipping out the Gold Amex for that cute little Prada top or a killer Gucci bag send your pulse racing with the thrill of it all? Then maybe you should skip the rocking chair and go straight to Neiman Marcus or Tiffany's.

None other than Forbes reports that retail therapy can improve a sour mood and can help fight lingering sadness and stress. Now, can a rocking chair do that? No.

7 Country - Recharging Your Batteries

It's got a psycho-babble name. It's called "mindfulness". It means slowing down and, if not smelling the roses, at least not checking your cell every three seconds and working to check off that next item on your to-do list.

It's the difference between a human doing and a human being. It's living in the moment. Now, try doing that in the middle of New York City where sensory overload is the order of the day. In the country, the pace is slower and being mindful is a heck of a lot easier than in the bustling big city.

6 City Slicker - Forget Recharging. Refuel In Style

Mindfulness is all well and good, but it's not a penthouse Michelin Starred restaurant in New York City. The fine dining experience puts a touch of luxury and pampering in a person's life and leaves them feeling happy (and full). Now, fine dining 24/7 is probably not the way to go, but as a special treat, it can't be beaten.

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A city like New York has more fine dining choices than just about any other city. It's a culinary mecca that foodies just can't stay away from.

5 Country - The Good Neighbor Support System

We're back to that front porch. In a big city like New York or London, people tend to ignore one another. Walking down a city street, they see, bump into, and sidestep hoards of people. They just want them to go away. It's called urban isolation.

But in the country, people are thinner on the ground and neighbors often actually want to be good neighbors. You know there is somebody next door who has your back and will be there for you. They just don't speak "neighborly" in big cities.

4 City Slicker - Better Infrastructure Support Systems

Want world-class hospitals and doctors? Forget the country and head for the city. You might have good neighbors in the country, but that doesn't help if you have a medical emergency or need to consult a specialist.

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Sure, it's more expensive to live in a city, but you also get the peace of mind of knowing that top-rate help is always at hand. And big cities offer other perks. Try finding a municipal snowplow or rapid transit bus service in the country.

3 Country - Bright Lights? It's Small Town Main Street We Want

Not a McDonalds, Jiffy Lube or Michelin Starred restaurant in sight. We are walking down Main Street USA. There's the antique shop run by a retired school teacher, a bakery that bakes fresh bread every day, and a hardware store that is a handyperson's best friend.

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And don't forget to drop by the cafe. They cook up the best breakfast in town. Proper food and not fancy fine dining art on a plate. People hang out there and chat. You might just see a celebrity or two.

2 City Slicker - Smaller Place With Bright Lights

Usually, house-buying money won't go as far in a city as in the country. That's just a fact. So what a potential second home buyer is probably looking at is a smaller place, an apartment, flat or condo. That's fine for the city person because all they have to do is walk outside their door to find the excitement, buzz and bright lights of the big city.

Or maybe they are looking for gourmet dining or high tea in London. Those things are on their doorstep. Can scrambled eggs at the cafe compete with that? You decide.

1 Country - More Home For Your Money

Does a three-story cottage down a country lane sound just the ticket? Second-home money goes further in the country, away from the high rises and congested living of the city. Plus, there is the added bonus of having good neighbors who will keep an eye on the place when it's vacant.

And don't forget that it is probably easier to rent out a country retreat than a cramped studio in the middle of a big city. People from the city may not want to move to the country, but they want a weekend away, maybe with the kids in tow, to sit in a rocker and be mindful. Maybe an antique shop.

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