Experts Recommend Running On Trails To Get Best Results

It's a medically proven fact that running is beneficial for your health. As much of a chore as it may seem, it's still a great idea to get a good run in every once in a while. But one debate that comes from running is whether it's best to do it on a treadmill, or somewhere in the great outdoors. Despite this question being thrown around for years, there seems to be a solid answer now.

According to GQ, the best place to run is out on trails — dirt paths that are typically explored by runners, cyclists, and others who love exercising outside. Experts explain that the reason for this is because your body is forced to adjust to the many unexpected elements of running on trails. Whether it's fallen branches, fallen leaves, gravel, puddles, rocks, or tree roots, you need to be quick to adapt to such aspects that come from running on a dirt trail. Plus, you add other little exercises such as jumping as a way to counter such minor obstacles. Finally, you'll be less focused on how much you ran, and more on how you run.


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As intriguing as this may be, the concept of trading your treadmill or sidewalk for dirt trails may have you worried about one thing- are you more likely to get hurt? It's an understandable concern that shouldn't be dismissed as nonsense. But the beauty of running such paths is that it helps your muscles become stronger. That's because your body gains control and coordination that's lacking in running elsewhere. This key aspect, experts explain, is what will strengthen your body as a whole, thus keeping injuries at bay.

While running on trails may interest most, the idea of doing so may sound a bit boring to others. It may be tempting to pop on your headphones and listen to your favorite album or podcast throughout, but experts advise against it. You need to focus on the task at hand so you don't veer off course or trip over a silly rock or something. Now, find a trail that's relatively close by, and have fun on your next run!


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