10 Things Rihanna Does To Achieve Success

If you aren’t admiring Rihanna for parlaying a music career into a fashion and makeup line than what are you doing? RiRi has always made it clear that she is here to secure the bag. In addition to having several number one hits, she has also acted in box office smashes like Oceans 8, and now she is the first female to create an original fashion line with LVMH. It is an understatement to say that she is successful. Yet she manages to stay pretty down-to-earth and, in some cases, keep a low profile. After years of being in the spotlight, we may have finally found out how Rihanna achieves success.

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10 She Trademarked Her Name

The best thing she could have done is trademark her name. It’s what makes her money. Thankfully she did trademark her name because there have been a few instances where people *cough* her father has tried to use her trademarked name to sell things.

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We can’t allow him to take food out of RiRi’s mouth now, can we? Only smart business people know to trademark things that matter. Rihanna is clearly a woman after our own heart with her impeccable decision making and talent that is actually worthy of being trademarked.

9 She’s Relatable

Rihanna spends just as much time on social as us regular folk do. She is constantly replying to fans, dishing out clapbacks and using her platform to raise awareness. This plays a big part in why Rihanna is so relatable it feels like she is just a stone's throw away.

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Fans actually get to interact with her she answers questions, she watches the same shows as we do (Love and Hip Hop and The Real Housewives). She enjoys a good meme even the ones about her MET Gala dress. She is just all-around, a likable person. Not every celebrity has the capacity to be famous, actually good at their job and genuinely liked.

8 She Got A Little Help From Beyoncé

Recently music producer L.A. Reid released a few excerpts from his upcoming memoir, Sing to Me: My Story of Making Music, Finding Magic, and Searching for Who's Next. He states that if it wasn’t for Beyonce he might have passed up on Rihanna and her talent.

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After a showcase Beyonce was in Reid’s ear, he said: “Beyoncé came up to me. ‘That Rihanna girl,’ she said, ‘She's a beast.’” Thankfully he took her word and made Rihanna an international star. She hasn’t let him down since and we can only assume that during her time with him, she made him a lot of money.

7 She’s Confident (But Had To Work At It)

Part of Rihanna’s persona is her confidence. It is radiating but she hasn’t always been that way. Rihanna told InStyle. “I was very shy at one point. I knew what I was about and what I stood for, but I was not very vocal. In the Barbadian culture, there’s this thing we say: ‘Speak when you’re spoken to.’ It’s polite not to blabber. It took me a couple of years to come out of my shell." And look at her now, she is confident, happy and knows that she only needs to worry about making herself happy. Being confident is often the key to making things happen for yourself, Rihanna is proof of this.

6 She Has A Great Relationship With Her Family

Rihanna counts her mom as the person who keeps her grounded. Many celebrities hide their family away for a number of reasons. However, Rihanna isn’t afraid to show love to her family online. Her social media timeline is basically a dedication to how happy she is and the people who make her happy.

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She shares photos of her nieces and nephews, her parents, her brother and of course her team. So clearly surrounding herself with people who are loving, reliable and capable is essential to her living her best life.

5 Her Music Is Real

With titles like “B***h Better Have My Money” Rihanna’s music has always managed to make an impact. She says things that most artists wouldn’t get away with. We have to attribute this to her ability to mix her Barbadian culture with the American culture. Sometimes she adds Barbadian rhythms to her music and spices it up with accompanying dance moves and a fire music video.

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There is so much variety in her music that it can be enjoyed by many people. Sometimes she touches on topics in her music that can be considered controversial. One thing is for sure, she does not shy away from making people feel uncomfortable.

4 She Utilizes Streaming Services

Rihanna has taken a break from making new music. Lately, fans have been begging her to make a new album because It’s a hot girl summer ya know. Unfortunately, with this new LVMH deal, it looks like music will be on the back burner again. Thankfully, Rihanna has made all her music available on all the popular streaming sites.

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This may sound like common sense but it really isn’t. Not all artists have their music on even some of the more popular streaming sites like Apple Music. Rihanna must have known that this break was going to be this long and to appease her fans she made her catalog available. That’s just good business.

3 Her Team Is Amazing

She surrounds herself with an amazing and supportive team. Rihanna is regularly posting photos of her team and applying all the praise she can to the work they do for her. She really counts them as family. They even have a name and a hashtag it’s #thecorp. A majority of her team consists of strong, educated women.

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Some of whom are Ivy League-educated and damn good at what they do. They all don’t work in the entertainment industry, some of them help with her charities and help to find people or companies in need that Rihanna can help out in some ways.

2 Multiple Sources Of Income

Rihanna quickly realized that to make actual money in the entertainment industry she would have to branch out of music. While the singer is still mainly known for her music career, she has set up a number of side business that has allowed her to rake in the money she wouldn’t make from just being a singer. We mentioned her new clothing venture with LVMH. however, Rihanna also has her insanely successful beauty line Fenty Beauty. She is in ad campaigns for Dior, Puma, and Balmain just to name a few. There is no shortage of dollars rolling in.

1 She Speaks Up

Rihanna has chosen to not stay silent as society is taking a left turn. It’s just another way the singer is using her platform for good. She regularly talks about the injustice that many people face in America. She is bold and loud and makes sure that people know exactly how she feels. Many people feel as though an entertainer has no business sticking their noses into political platforms. Judging from Rihanna’s swift clapbacks it’s safe to say, she doesn’t care. Using her platform for good is one of the reasons why her fans and many others keep coming back for more.

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