Nutritionist Reveals The Right Time For Drinking Gatorade

Sports drinks are some of the most consumed liquids out there, especially by athletes and the like. But when it comes to branding, Gatorade is king.

The Gatorade Company Inc, founded in 1965, has been supplying the world's best athletes with that electrolyte boost for some time now. But you don't have to be an athlete or fitness enthusiast to have a swig every now and then, according to registered dietician Natalie Rizzo (H/T nbcnews.com).

Some people are of the view that plain water is better, given the unwanted calories, sweeteners and other additives contained in sports drinks, and they're right. But there are times when the body needs more than just H20, especially when it's engaged in really tasking activities for more than an hour.

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“For any [strenuous] activity longer than 60 minutes, you’re going to want to think about a sports drink,” Rizzo advises. “Gatorade — or any sports drink — was actually formulated for athletes.

"We think that they’re not so good for us because a lot of people drink them when their sitting at their desks or they’re not so active, and if that’s the case, yes, it's too much sugar. But sports drinks are actually good for athletes working out for longer than an hour or who are working out in extreme conditions like extreme heat.

“My rule of thumb is generally after an hour [of activity], you want to kick in with a sports drink. But this rule varies based on the conditions and how much you sweat."

Rizzo also says that drinks such as Gatorade are also helpful when the body loses a lot of water through sweating. Persons who work for many outdoors are also encouraged to go for a sports drink if they can.

“If you’re exercising outdoors and are a heavy sweater (like your shirt is soaked in sweat), then reach for a sports drink for any activity lasting more than 30 minutes,” she added. “If you are a normal sweater (you sweat, but aren’t drowning in it), then maybe wait about 45 minutes of activity before reaching for a sports drink in this extreme heat.”

“If you work outside, like a construction worker or landscaper, and are out for hours at a time while on your feet, then you should probably incorporate a sports drink into your diet.

“For that, I would suggest sipping on it throughout the day with water as well.”


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