The 10 Richest YouTubers Of 2019

A long time ago, no one would have thought that people could become rich off of making videos and uploading them on YouTube. But these days there are actually a lot of people who have become incredibly successful by doing just that.

Being a full-time YouTuber seems like a dream job, so there are lots of people who try to do it. But one important thing to remember is that it is not easy at all. Dropping everything to commit to making YouTube videos all the time is a very risky thing to do, so those who decide to do it are brave people. One must also be persistent. As hard as this, plenty of people earn lots of money every year by doing it. Here are some of the YouTubers who have brought in the most money in 2019.

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10 Logan Paul - $14.5 Million

Vlogger Logan Paul has earned approximately $14.5 million over the last year. He used to be much more popular, but his popularity fell quite a bit after he made a very distasteful video while he and some friends were in Japan.

After that, YouTube was not very happy with him. But he still continued to bring in a lot of money from the merchandise he sells. He also gets paid to make special appearances. Paul was also paid to fight against a fellow YouTuber in a boxing match, and it is possible that there might be a rematch soon. Controversial, yes. Rich... also yes.

9 PewDiePie - $15.5 Million

Felix Kjellberg, who has a channel on YouTube called PewDiePie, brought in about $15.5 million recently. But the YouTuber is actually not as popular as he once was, despite the large amount of money he earns.

Perhaps some of the scandals he has been involved in are partially to blame for the fall in his popularity - the streamer has been accused of antisemitism and racism, among other things. But at one time, he was actually the most subscribed channel on YouTube.

PewDiePie is currently the second most subscribed channel on the streaming website now.

8 Jacksepticeye - $16 Million

Jacksepticeye brought its operator, Sean McLoughlin, $16 million over the past year. He was one of the earliest YouTubers to become a part of the Revelmode network, which was sponsored by Disney. Disney eventually stopped sponsoring Revelmode, but McLoughlin remained successful. The YouTuber then started working on Disney XD, which is a television channel that airs programming made for children and teenagers.

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The YouTube star also hosts various events throughout the world on occasion. His channel has over twenty-two million subscribers, and it was created back in 2007, so it has been around a long time. The channel has over eleven billion views so far.

7 VanossGaming - $17 Million

Evan Fong, the creator of the YouTube channel VanossGaming, clearly knows what he is doing since he has made $17 million in the last year. Part of what makes this channel different from many others that are similar to it is that Fong is hardly ever seen on camera.

He has become so popular that he actually has his own clothing line now. Fong also makes music under a different name, which is Rynx. Fong created the VanossGaming channel in 2011, and over twenty-four million people have subscribed to it since then. His videos are definitely unique, and they have a rather comedic side to them as well.

6 Markiplier - $17.5 Million

Mark Edward Fischbach, who is also known on YouTube as Markiplier, is certainly not short on money, considering the fact that he earned $17.5 million in the last twelve months. The channel has only been around for five years, but it has racked up a lot of views and subscribers.

Perhaps part of the reason he is so popular is because he sometimes films videos with other popular YouTube stars. Fischbach is very successful now, but his road to becoming a YouTube star was not easy at all. Before he was famous, Fischbach was laid off from his previous job, and he had to have surgery.

5 Jeffree Star - $18 Million

YouTuber Jeffree Star is so famous that even people who don’t watch YouTube know who he is, and he is definitely one of the richest current internet stars around these days. A long time ago, he was once a very popular person on MySpace.


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When 2006 rolled around, he decided to see what the YouTube world was all about. He has been incredibly successful for a very long time, but that is because he does a lot more than just make videos.

Star also sells makeup, and he is a very talented makeup artist. The YouTube star also enjoys singing and writing songs.

4 DanTDM - $18.5 Million

It looks as though DanTDM, a YouTube channel that is operated by Daniel Middleton, is gaining lots of popularity since Middleton earned a whopping $18.5 million over the last year. The year before that, Middleton earned more money than any other YouTuber when he raked in $16.5 million.

The star posts gaming videos every day, but that is not all he has been up to lately. He was part of the cast of Ralph Breaks The Internet, and he also sells merchandise. Apparently, this internet star has his own clothing brand. He became popular by streaming videos of himself playing the game “Minecraft.”

3 Dude Perfect - $20 Million

Dude Perfect has brought in about $20 million throughout the past year, making it’s creators the third richest YouTubers of 2019. The channel is operated by five people, and their names are Tyler Toney, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert, Coby Cotton, and Cory Cotton.

The creators do a lot of really cool stunts, which gained them a great amount of attention from all around the world. They have even been featured on some television programs. Since they became so popular, Dude Perfect has done many videos with professional athletes such as Drew Brees and Odell Beckham Jr. Currently, the channel has over forty-three million subscribers.

2 Jake Paul - $21.5 Million

YouTuber Jake Paul is thriving financially, since he earned $21.5 million in the last year. While his brother, Logan, doesn’t have as many followers as he used to, Jake seems to be getting more popular each year.

Jake was not originally a member of YouTube, though. Like his brother, he started out on Vine, which is now defunct. While he was there, he had approximately five million followers, and there were over two billion views on the content that he posted.

1 Ryan ToysReview - $22 Million

Ryan Kaji is the richest YouTuber of 2019, and the really outstanding part is that he is only 7 years old. The channel is exactly what it sounds like: a little boy opens up toys and he plays with them.

Since he is so young, his parents are the ones in charge of operating the channel, which was created back in 2015. Now, it has just over 20 million subscribers, and it has a huge influence on the toy industry.

Ryan ToysReview partnered with a couple of other brands, and they have created their own line of literature and toys. The coolest part is that their products feature some other famous YouTube stars.

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