The 10 Richest Yoga Instructors Of All Time

Exercise is great for the whole body, mind, and soul. Among the age-old exercise routines taught through generations is yoga. This form of exercise started in India and has now spread all over the world. When the benefits of yoga and its asanas were understood, lots of people flocked to India to study it. This included several celebrities who gave it cult status. Seeing this, some of the prominent yoga instructors went abroad and started teaching the many different yoga stances and explaining the benefits.

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Now there are numerous yoga instructors who have hundreds of followers and devotees. Here we give you ten of them who have become rich pursuing this passion.

10 Bikram Choudhury

Bikram Choudhury became a household name in the US when he started Bikram Yoga. This charismatic yoga instructor was well-loved by his followers and they whole-heartedly heard all he had to say. Bikram has over 600 studios all over the world with 330 of them in the US alone.

California is one of his hotspots where you will find 86 studios. With books, DVDs and teacher training programs, Bikram has diversified and brought in more fortune for himself. Though he now has lost most of the fortune due to sexual assault charges against him, Bikram is still a well-known figure.

9 John Friend

Another famous yoga instructor is John Friend, who has about 600,000 students who follow him. He started Anusara Yoga and began giving yoga instruction, training and conducting events and seminars all over the world. With over 580 instructors in Anusara, John Friend has been able to gain a tremendous amount of wealth.

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Yoga students from all over the world are joining Anusara due to his popularity and charisma. Even without an online presence, John has managed to gain success. But just like Bikram Choudhury, John Friend also has sexual harassment charges against him. This has caused his popularity to dwindle and his business to slide down.

8 Kathryn Budig

One of the many female yoga instructors to gain success is Kathryn Budig. She is a very influential person who started Poses for Paws, as well as Aim True. Poses for Paws is a charitable organization where money is raised to support animal shelters.

This is done by teaching yoga to students. Kathryn has been able to generate a lot of money for these causes. Aim True is also one such cause where training programs teach those who want to be yoga instructors. Being an advocate for positive body attitude, Kathryn has also seen some controversies but has earned a lot of money too.

7 Donna Farhi

Donna Farhi is one of the most influential yoga teachers in the world. She is also the one to earn the most and become the richest. She has been conducting yoga training since 1982 and this has earned her many millions, as well as thousands of students.

With workshops all over the world, she is a well-known figure and a presence on social media only adds to her popularity. She uses YouTube as a tool to deliver her seminars and interviews. Donna is highly respected and loved and she continues to gain more and more students and to-be instructors.

6 Tara Stiles

When beauty and brains go together then you find someone like Tara Stiles! She was a former model who turned yoga instructor and has not looked back since. She is the most famous and rich as a yoga instructor.

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Being very charismatic, she has been known to be the “coolest” by none other than Vanity Fair magazine. With several million Twitter and Facebook followers and thousands of videos on YouTube, Tara Stiles has been able to reach far and wide. She started Strala Yoga and through it has taught in about 22,000 schools in America where obesity is a huge problem.

5 Duncan Peak

Yoga has traveled far and wide and Australia is also one of the hubs for great training. Duncan Peak is Australia’s most famous yoga instructor and started Power Living Australia in 2004. With over eight studios and 1,000 teachers, he is the most sought after. Retreats conducted by him are also very popular with those who want to learn yoga as an exercise form.

With more than 10 years in this industry, Duncan Peak has earned a huge amount of money and his business continues to grow by leaps and bounds. He is now also starting up studios in other countries like New Zealand.

4 Paul Grilley

Paul Grilley is another famous and rich yoga instructor who has in-depth knowledge of yoga and its implications on the human body. He started YinYoga and conducts teacher training all over the world. The Anatomy of Yoga is a DVD that was created by Paul where he gives details about the skeletal system in conjunction with yoga poses.

From tension, orientation, compression, and proportion, Paul helps you understand all the nuances of each pose. This is the reason why Paul Grilley is so famous and how he has earned a lot of money through the years. Look at some of his videos to get a better understanding of his teachings.

3 Shiva Rea

Shiva Rea is someone who has a hand in many things and still does them well. She started Prana Flow Yoga, Yoga Adventure Retreats, Yoga Trance Dance for Life, E2: The Evolutionary Edge Tour, and the Global Mala Project.

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With all these super successful options, Shiva Rea has turned into one of the richest yoga instructors. Ten CDs and 25 DVDs that she has created have gone on to win awards. There are over 200 teachers that she has taught through her website and many students who have taken the training as well. With her presence firmly on social media, she continues to gather new followers who love her methodology.

2 Baron Baptiste

Baron Baptiste is a second-generation yoga instructor. His father Walt Baptiste started teaching yoga in the 1940s. Baron opened up Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga and has been extremely successful through it. He has about 40 studios worldwide and conducts teacher training programs as well.

He also started the Africa Yoga Project which teaches youngsters in Africa special yoga poses. Baron Baptiste is one of the richest yoga instructors around the world. By training over 50 teachers capable of handling 5,000 students, he ensures a steady stream of income coming his way. Coming from a family of yoga instructors adds credibility to his stature too.

1 Seane Corn

Seane Corn has been an advocate for many causes and it is through yoga that she empowers others to fight for certain rights. She has thus earned a name in social circles and it is her work that speaks for itself.

She started Children of the Night, Off the Mat, National Yoga Ambassador for YouthAIDS, and Into the World. Though these organizations she has used yoga to gain exposure for the many problems of the world and helps to find solutions to them all. This has also meant that she has numerous followers who join her yoga sessions and classes and train under her.

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