10 Simple Restaurant Ideas That Made People Millionaires

There are so many elements that go into running a successful restaurant. You need the proper tools, the proper staff and the proper ideas to be functional. Whether it be a tangible item or valuable service, the following items are game-changers. Without these things, it is highly unlikely that a restaurant will stay on top. As a business grows, certain things became necessary to have.

The geniuses who have made a difference in the restaurant industry truly need to be thanked. There is no question that the people responsible for these ideas have laughed themselves all the way to the bank. Let's open up wide and get a taste of the following 10 Simple Restaurant Ideas That Made People Millionaires...

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10 Cookbooks

Have you ever had an amazing meal at a restaurant and wished that you could recreate it in the future? Many restaurants have published their very own cookbooks. The pages are filled with some of their best selling dishes. Loyal customers can enjoy time and time again. Restaurant cookbooks are great for business, they allow customers to get a closer glimpse into the menu. One of the most famous restaurant cookbooks is called Momofuku was written by David Chang (chef) and co-author Peter Meehan.

This recipe book shares recipes from their popular restaurants in New York City. Momofuku also has restaurants in Toronto, Sydney, LA and Washington. Now if you can't get make it there, you can simply turn the page for your next bite.

9 POS System

A POS System also known as a point of sale system is essential to have in restaurants. Charles F. Kettering invented the first cash register powered by an electric motor. This invention developed over time.

Today a POS System can do everything from track inventory to managing customers. Surprisingly, POS Systems are a lot less expensive than a traditional cash register. They come in many different sizes and varieties. Many systems are portable making it quick and easy for transactions to be done. With technology advancing by the minute, there is some form of a POS System in practically every restaurant today.

8 Soda Fountain

With every meal served, it is a must to have a cold beverage to wash it down with. We can thank Samuel Fahnestock, G.D Dows and James Tufts for soda fountain patents dating back to 1819. Soda foundation machines make everyone's life easier. There is less of a mess generated thanks to these machines.

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We do not have to worry about empty bottles and cans and where to dispose of them. These machines operate quickly and can produce more than one type of beverage. Some people even prefer the taste of sodas that come from a fountain versus a bottle! Fountains are must for serving up your next drink. Cheers!

7 Combo Meals

We sometimes take for granted many things in our day to day lives that make our day easier. Combo meals would be one of these things. Usually, they consist of a drink, a side and the main food item.

These combos are also usually served at fast-food restaurants for the person on the go. If you have seen the movie The Founder, you would have a better idea of how this whole idea started. McDonald's is responsible for introducing the world to this great idea. There is no question why this restaurant idea was supersized all the way to the top!

6 Gift Certificates

Gift certificates, also known as gift cards are lifesavers. They are the ideal go-to present to give someone who hates everything. They are used in restaurants and available in almost every retail store. This idea has not been around a very long time. The idea was first introduced by Neiman Marcus in 1994.

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The movie store chain Blockbuster also used this idea in 1995. People loved the idea and it was a huge success. Fast forward to a few years later, gift certificates are everywhere. Whether they be at your gas station, grocery store or local pharmacy, it is time to redeem this great idea!

5 UBER Eats

Uber Eats is one of the more recent restaurant ideas today. Launching in 2014, this online food delivery service has made a huge impact. Hungry clients have a choice of a ton of restaurants to choose from near them. They punch in their order online and the restaurant of their choice gets their order. In a very short time, the customer is having their craving delivered right to their door.

This application allows restaurants to serve more customers. Qualified people can also sign up to be delivery agents. Uber first started out as a car ride service and continues to expand. What will CEO Dara Khosrowshahi think of next?

4 Facebook 

Facebook is the most popular online social media site worldwide. Everyone turns to Facebook to friend their latest coworker, buy and sell items and go into a trance watching a loop of recipe videos. This media platform allows businesses to advertise and reach many users. Founder Mark Zuckerberg has changed the world with this handy tool. In the age of technology, making sure that your restaurant is advertised on Facebook is a must.

Letting followers know about the latest promotion or new menu item can be effortless via Facebook. Having an online presence is beneficial in keeping your business relevant.

3 Wine

When dining out, enjoying an amazing glass of wine sometimes makes your meal top notch. Many people go to restaurants because of the diverse selection of wines they have. Wine sales bring in a huge amount of money to restaurants. Bottles range in price and depending on the restaurant can cost up to $500! Restaurants usually mark up their alcohol from 200 to 300 percent from the retail price. Wine is an ancient recipe dating back to 4100 BC from many ancient civilizations.

This makes it difficult to pinpoint who exactly is responsible for inventing wine. To date, the most expensive bottle of wine Chateau Cheval Blanc costs a whopping $304, 375.00! Bottoms up to a delicious and essentially restaurant idea.

2 Free Wifi

Hedy Lamarr is the inventor of Wifi and changed the world for the better 21 years ago. It seems today that nobody can ever be "unplugged". People hardly look up to see what is in front of them because they can't un-glue themselves from their phone. Wifi allows people to stay connected to the internet and is essential for today's society.

A sad truth is that people will base their restaurant of choice on if Wifi is available to them or not. It is unfortunate that the days of actually having a conversation with your dinner date are over. With the internet and Wifi being such powerful tools, it is important to make sure that your restaurant's options are up to date!

1 Chef 

Having an amazing chef is essential to a successful restaurant. They are responsible for innovative food ideas, a diverse menu and exquisite presentation. Some chefs are absolute geniuses and they have created booming businesses because on their expertise. Chefs go far beyond simply plating your dish.

They can write cookbooks, teach classes, run food trucks, open other locations and so much more. Currently, the richest chef in the world is Alan Wong has a net worth of $1.1 billion! He is responsible for incorporating Hawaiian cuisine into American culture. With many restaurants under his belt, this chef has been cooking up something hot!

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