Experts Reveal Life Hacks That Can Help You Ditch Coffee In The Morning

Each day, millions of Americans wake up and then stumble like zombies toward the coffee maker to get started with their daily dose of caffeine in order to wake up. For most people, this is as normal as taking a morning shower to get ready to go to work or to school.

On the other hand, some people do not do so well on caffeine. It makes them jittery, anxious, and unable to sleep well at night. For those types, they do better by becoming decaffeinated.

Experts were asked by MBGFood to give advice about early morning wake-up routines that start the day well without the need to have a cup of coffee. Even those that still like to enjoy some java in the morning will find this advice helpful. Here are the tips to get the good energy going in the mornings that will last throughout the day.

To start, be sure to allow plenty of time to go to the bathroom. It is important not to rush bathroom time and allow the body to naturally eliminate everything that built up overnight. Having a routine that allows a relaxing time to completely eliminate everything with a nice bowel movement will help the body feel lighter and refreshed at the start of the day.

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Once that's done, a vigorous walk, short workout, or twenty-minute run is enough to get the juices flowing. Be sure to drink plenty of fresh clean water (16 ounces minimum) to hydrate the body and flush out the toxins that built up while sleeping.

After the walk, a green smoothie made from filtered water and coconut water with a blend of juiced kale, romaine lettuce, celery, apples, bananas, cucumber, cilantro, parsley, lemon, and Brazil nuts will give you a nice boost of energy in the morning. Use only organically grown produce and add a dash of cayenne powder, cinnamon, and turmeric for an extra bit of zest.

This is a nice morning drink for those that do not want to have to prepare anything. It has the antioxidant properties from turmeric mixed with a superfood blend that includes the gentle spicy flavor of maca along with ginger and cinnamon. Turmeric is a “brain food” that is widely consumed in India where they have the lowest incidences of dementia in the world.

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Aside from that, a healthy chocolate shake made from a banana, sugar-free almond milk, cocoa powder, protein powder, and micro-greens (like watercress) all blended together into a delicious smoothie full of antioxidants, vitamins, and healthy fiber is a great coffee replacement.

Finally, it's important to set daily goals. Many of us simply stumble through life haphazardly without any clear direction. By making a list of what can be accomplished each day, we stay on track and enjoy the daily progress we make. Break long-term goals into steps that can be achieved in a single day and over time you can achieve almost anything you desire using this method.

While coffee is delicious and provides some great health benefits, it doesn't have to be the only thing that gets you going in the morning. These tips could be enough to let you ditch that much-needed cup of coffee until later in the day!

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