Princess Diana Divorce: New Report Proves Queen Elizabeth's Involvement

On December 22, 1995, Queen Elizabeth II sent official written communications from Buckingham Palace. One letter was sent to Prince Charles. The other was sent to Princess Diana. The direct order in each letter was the same— they divorce each other as soon as possible. This fact came out in the 2007 official inquest into Diana’s death and has just now been released to the public.

In demanding the divorce, the Queen, who is the mother of Prince Charles, had the full support of Prince Philip, Charles' father. This royal proclamation came after more than a decade of troubles between Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The adulterous affairs were notorious on both sides of the marriage.

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Pop Sugar reports that Princess Diana, who fought her psychological troubles with bulimia, was known to have dalliances of her own. She was no angel in the matter and went on BBC during 1995 to publicly tell all about her troubles. This prompted the divorce in 1996. Then, as she was riding in a car with her boyfriend Dodi Al Fayed in Paris during August 1997, when she lost her life in an accident.


The investigation into the accident was eventually closed; however, there has never been a full explanation about what occurred, which fully satisfied the public and the conspiracy theorists.

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As part of the divorce proceedings, which were finalized in August 1996, Princess Diana was stripped of her title of “Royal Highness.” After the divorce, she was demoted to being simply Diana, Princess of Wales. The difference in title may sound silly to those unfamiliar with The Royals; however, what this demotion meant in practice is that she had to bow and curtsey in front of the rest of her family, including when she was in front of her two sons Prince Harry, age 11, and Prince William, age 14, at that time.

Even though Diana became somewhat of a pariah with the royal family, she still had access to, and the use of, many of the trappings of royal life before she died. Diana and Prince Charles equally shared the raising of their children by trading off visitation rights for alternative holidays. For most of each year, the two boys were in boarding school.

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Princess Diana was beloved by the public. It was a sad state of affairs when the marriage to Prince Charles did not work out. It really was neither one of the individuals' fault. They only dated a dozen times before Prince Charles proposed that they be married. The marriage was essentially an arranged one to extend the Royal bloodline, which is why the Queen felt completely justified in commanding a divorce.


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