It's Time To Prepare For Puppy Bowl 2019 Plus A Very Special Guest As Referee

Super Bowl Sunday is here and Puppy Bowl is planned to air as well as it has for the past 14 years, bringing adorable animals on the screen for fans to cheer for.

It's finally here! Super Bowl Sunday, for sports fans, means chips and dip, beer, jersey-wearing and lots of screaming and cheering (possibly even booing) for their favorite (and not-so-favorite) teams. By contrast, Super Bowl Sunday, for animal lovers, means that it's time for Team Ruff and Team Fluff to take to the arena for the annual Puppy Bowl which is now in its 15th year!

As NY Post reports,  Animal Planet will, as always dutifully host the adorable game between the two teams made up of awesome and adoptable animals. Despite the name, dog lovers are not the only ones who will want to tune into Puppy Bowl this year. Cat lovers will purr with delight when it's time for the much-loved Kitty Halftime Show and lovers of all kinds of animals will fall for this year referee's charm as it's Shirley the Sloth who has been tasked with overseeing the pups battle it out for chew toys.



Yes, that is a teeny-tiny black and white striped referee shirt that Shirley has donned just for the special event. Spoiler alert: You may witness Shirley climbing up and hanging down from the goal posts as she watches the athletes play. Too, too cute!

By all accounts, it seems that Animal Planet has gone all out for this year's Puppy Bowl and we couldn't be more excited to see what the game has in store for us. Honestly, it's pretty hard to take sides when both Team Ruff and Team Fluff are full of funny and adorable characters.

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For those of you out there who are both sports and animal lovers, don't worry! There's no need to make a tough decision this year as Animal Planet kindly airs Puppy Bowl before Super Bowl so both games (and athletes) can be enjoyed by their adoring fans. One of the driving forces behind Puppy Bowl is to remind the public that when adding a new animal to your family, it's important to adopt one of the many deserving animals at local shelters and rescues rather than buying from breeders and pet stores. All participants in this year's Puppy Bowl including the Kitty Halftime Show (excluding Shirley the Sloth, sorry folks!) are rescue animals and are expected to be adopted out to loving forever families.

If this year's Puppy Bowl ends up inspiring the animal instinct in you and you think that your life could be enhanced by a four-legged friend, why not take a trip to your local animal shelter and pick up a new teammate? Win, win! Go team!

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