This Pickup Truck Attachment Will Change Your Camping Trip

Pick up truck owners that also have a cargo topper in the back have a new device to consider that makes it easier to carry cargo and to unload it. This device also converts an ordinary pick up truck topper into a pop-up camper in a matter of a few seconds. This new accessory looks very useful and fun.

Cargo toppers are used to help keep cargo carried by a pickup truck from being damaged by weather or blowing out of the back and all over the road. Because of the low profile, they are good on gas mileage since they do not create much wind resistance. Nevertheless, when the cargo is higher than the topper allows, this makes it impossible to carry the load. Having some extra height would be helpful when transporting taller loads such as all-terrain vehicles or motorcycles in the back of a pickup truck.


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The Topperezlift solves this problem by giving a pickup truck operator the ability to raise the topper up to 17 and one-half inches higher. This equipment is easy to install and operates by a connection to the truck battery. It can lift up to 900 lbs., which includes the weight of topper and anything up to the total weight limit that is being carried on the top.

Business Insider showed off the equipment in operation and some of the installation steps. By adding the optional camper kit, this allows the pickup truck bed to be quickly turned into a camping tent that extends out behind the truck creating plenty of camping space.

Getting out to enjoy nature in a trusty pickup truck is now easier than ever. Just pull up anywhere, raise the Topperezlift in about 30 seconds, attach the camper panels and you are quickly ready to go hunting, fishing, or camping and have a nice place to sleep. Everything gets put back away just as easily.

The Topperezlift adjusts to accommodate larger items for transport and makes it easier to unload items without the need to crawl into the back under the pickup truck topper to pull things out. For those that already love truck toppers, this new device is an enhancement that they probably will enjoy. When purchased online, the basic Topperezlift is $1,195 and the kit including the camper option is $1,995.

This is a great addition for anyone looking to get back to nature. For a little bit of an investment, you can get a lot out of your truck.


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