10 Expensive Purchases Made By Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd became a household name during the '90s, thanks to his role in Clueless. Since then, the actor worked in successful projects on television, like Friends, and also became a Marvel superhero, with the Ant-Man.

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The American actor has a net worth evaluated at $ 70,000,000. Although he is among the millionaire actors and a blockbuster star, Rudd is known for being very down to earth. He is married, and he tries to raise his children away from the spotlight. He spends his money having a comfortable life, but it is far away from being lavish, especially if compared to other Hollywood stars.

10 Candy Shop

Paul Rudd is not the first celebrity to invest in businesses that are not related to Hollywood. Robert DeNiro has a restaurant in New York, George Clooney used to have a successful tequila brand, and Paul Rudd used his money to buy a candy shop. However, Rudd was not aiming to make much money with it, and his decision to buy the shop was for a very noble cause.

Samuel's Sweet Shop owner died in 2014, and one of his employees, John Traver, was devastated. Paul Rudd and the also actor Dean Morgan bought the shop. The idea was just to keep Samuel's Sweet Shop open and keep the long-time employee hired.

9 His Own Irish Pub

Everybody has a perfect way to relax after work. Some watch Netflix; others love to soak in a bath; others have a fantastic meal. For Paul Rudd, the best way to relax after a long day is going to an Irish pub. It might sound like a habit not worth to be mentioned on this list, but there a detail that changes everything. Rudd built a whole Irish pub in his basement at home.

Rudd was inspired by his late father, who also had one at home. "I have Guinness on tap. I get kegs. I have to go pick up the kegs in Poughkeepsie, which is close to where I live," he said. The actor named after his son, and it is called Sullivan's.

8 House

Many celebrities have lavish homes and don't mind sharing images and price information. However, Paul Rudd is one of the lowest profile celebrities you can meet, and there is very little information about his properties. However, some sources affirm that the star has a home in West Village.

The average price for a place in the area is $1,900,000, and the rental is around $3,500. Not a place that everyone can afford. We can assume the home is spacious since there is a pub in the basement.

7 Vacations

Paul Rudd keeps a low profile lifestyle. Although he is very close to his family, he tries to raise his children away from the spotlight, what he has succeeded in doing. But sometimes we have a glimpse of his personal life, like when he traveled to Cabos, Mexico, for vacation. But he was never spotted on trendy destinations among celebrities.

The actor seemed to have lots of fun while playing football at the beach. During that holiday, he made the headlines thanks to his " body transformation" since he was preparing to join the Marvel movies as the Ant-Man.

6 Personal Trainer

Paul Rudd already said in an interview that he doesn't work out when he is not working and just let himself go. However, when he signed up for playing the Ant-Man, the actor had to work out hard for the role.

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His nutritionist introduced him to Richard Louis, who owns the FitSpaceNYC. It certainly wasn't cheap. Louis said that the actor is very disciplined and followed the training as he demanded. "I don't know if people realize what it takes to get the results he did," he said.

5 Nutritionist

The workout plan would never have the same results if Paul didn't follow a strict diet plan. He hired the famous nutritionist Carlon Colker to help him with the perfect diet. As we know, the nearly 50 years old actor did very well.

During almost one year the actor didn't drink alcohol ( a great temptation when you have your own pub at home) and also avoided carbs. "Eliminate anything fun for a year, and then you can play a hero," he said. During that period, he lost 12 pounds, and we could all see the results on the screen.

4 Donations

As we mentioned, Paul Rudd bought a candy shop to help someone. We can tell by that gesture that he has a big heart, and it is no surprise he often generous male donations for people who need it or to support some causes.

According to InStyle, he helped to organize a fundraising to Kansas City's Children's Mercy Hospital. He also helped the New York Collaborates for Autism, was a host during the night to fight global inequality, he promoted a bowling night to support kids who stutter, and the list goes on.

3 Great Restaurants

Eating is one of the greatest pleasures in life, and it seems that Paul Rudd agrees with it. The actor and his family joined Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello to eat at the famous Lineage Maui Maui in Hawaii.

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The place belongs to Sheldon Simeon. Famous for being part of Top Chef, and it is inspired by the Filipino culinary and decoration. Paul Rudd and Manganiello were on the island to receive an award during a film festival. The restaurant sounds like a perfect place to celebrate the occasion.

2 Watches

Paul Rudd looks like he doesn't care for fashion most of the time. However, it doesn't mean he doesn't like quality and timeless pieces, at least when it comes to watches.

During the Oscar ceremony this year, he appeared wearing an IWC Portugieser that is evaluated at $12,700. The piece is part of the sportier Pilot's collection. The actor chose the match to match his dark blue tuxedo. Henry Golding also was the same model that night. It is not the first time the actor was spotted wearing an expensive watch. Back in 2013, he wore fancy gold Altiplano models by Piaget during the Oscar.

1 Tuxedos And Suits

Talking about his style, Paul Rudd is basic during most of his days. But he stepped up his game when he needs to show up at the red carpet. He prefers to remain classic, but he always shows up wearing a well-tailored tuxedo or an elegant suit. During Oscar’s ceremony this year, he showed up wearing a navy tuxedo matching with David Yurman cufflinks.

You can never go wrong when you choose a classic, right? The actor is always elegant when he steps in the red carpet.

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