The PARE Fitness Test Is A Great Way To Determine How In Shape You Are

Getting fit is a goal for almost anyone in the world. It's a great way to help improve how long one might be living or just try and prevent some diseases that a person can get. One thing is for sure though, not many people know a good physical fitness test to actually determine how fit they truly are.

One good way to find out if you're fit is simply going out and trying the PARE (Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation) test. It's used by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) and is far from easy to complete. Some might even argue it's even harder than some military examinations of the physical form. You should know that the first two parts of the test are timed and are supposed to be done in 4:45 or less.

The first part of this test is an obstacle course that comes with, jumps, stairs, hurdles, and vaults. It doesn't stop there though, the entire obstacle course also has some directional changes and needs to be done a total of six times. This means that you need to run the 340-meter course six times while also redoing the jumps and anything else that might come up during the obstacle course.


Via cbsa-asfc.gc.ca

The next part of the test is the push/pull machine. You'll basically be seeing how strong you are by pushing and pulling seventy pounds of weight. While pulling it you'll need to move the device one-hundred and eighty degrees. This will also be done for a total of six times. On top of that, in between each task, you'll need to perform four controlled falls, two of which need to be done forward and the other two, backward.

The last task the easiest part for those who are accustomed to lifting weights. You'll need to simply lift and carry a bag, given the bag is eighty pounds and needs to be carried fifteen meters. This part of the test isn't timed but needs to be started within two minutes of completing the previous station.

This test is not the average one and will really break the barrier between who is physically fit to the standards of the CBSA and who is not. A test like this also tests the endurance, strength, and overall physical abilities of a person. It's not easy and if you can do it, it's safe to say that you're fairly fit. Alongside that it's also a test that will be just as mentally demanding as it is physically, this is because something like this requires someone to be focused on the task at hand.


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