No Such Thing As Oversharing: 10 Celebrities Who Are Completely Candid On Social Media

A lot of celebrities like to post photos where they look like living gods on social media. That’s understandable, considering the amount of scrutiny they can face. But it's like a breath of fresh air when a famous person isn’t afraid to bare all on social media. Candid posts aren’t so much about showing off or attracting followers, but rather showing the world the truth.

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The problem with only appearing perfect on social media is that impressionable young fans start to believe there’s something wrong with them because they don’t look the same way. The following 10 celebrities who are totally candid on social media are doing a huge service to the world and helping to dismantle the notion that we should be chasing perfection.

10 Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is known for speaking her mind on and off social media. Throughout her career, she has been the target of internet bullies and critics, so she’s had to develop a thick skin. While in the beginning, those bullies may have undermined her confidence, now they seem to have pushed her to stick up for herself.

The singer often posts pictures of her real self, makeup and Photoshop-free. While other celebrities might be scared of posting such candid photos, Lovato isn’t afraid to show the world that she’s not perfect, and we love her for it!

9 Cardi B

Over the past few years, Cardi B has risen from an Instagram model to reality TV hopeful to global rap star. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Cardi herself said that her funny, unique personality always helped her to stand out from the crowd and get on people’s good side. Today, she makes fans all around the world laugh until their sides hurt, in addition to giving them the music they want.

It’s well-known amongst Cardi’s fans that the flipside to her jovial side is a fiery side that isn’t afraid to vent out her frustrations. On social media, Cardi has been known to post ranting videos where she calls out specific people for doing her wrong. No lilies are gilded.

8 Lizzo

The world has been waiting for someone like Lizzo to come along for a long time. Though she is beautiful and talented, she is set apart from the other artists in the music industry because of her unbelievable confidence and her message of self-love. Part of that involves getting candid on social media.

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Lizzo often posts photos where she’s wearing very little clothing or no clothing at all. She doesn’t Photoshop her body because it might not fit society’s preconceived notions of beauty. She’s okay with the world seeing the real her. That’s what you call a role model!

7 Drew Barrymore

We first met Drew Barrymore when she was just a little girl appearing in E.T. Over the span of her extensive and successful career, she has starred in a number of other blockbuster hits, including Charlie’s Angels and 50 First Dates.

But being a major movie star hasn’t turned Barrymore into a conformist or a people-pleaser by any means. On the contrary. She is confident enough to post photos on Instagram that get conversations flowing, whether people like them or not.

In the past, Barrymore has been known to post photos of herself crying and makeup-free. She might not look red-carpet ready in these, but they are super important for showing the world what life is really like for celebrities.

6 Hilary Duff

As if we needed another reason to love Hilary Duff! We have been obsessed with the actress ever since she appeared as Lizzie McGuire in her teens. As an adult, she keeps impressing us with daring roles like Kelsey in Younger. One of the things she does that we love is being candid on social media.

Duff is now a mom to two kids, and anybody with children knows that parenthood is not easy. Rather than trying to make it look like something totally glamorous (because it’s not), Duff is honest about how hard it can be sometimes. If her kids ever get Instagram, we hope they're just as honest!

5 Amy Schumer

Amy Schumer is another celebrity who has never felt the need to hide her imperfections. Her brand is about embracing who you are, and by starring in movies such as I Feel Pretty, she’s been able to show the world that we don’t need to look perfect all the time to be successful.

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On social media, Schumer posts regular photos that are untainted by the usual afflictions that tend to mark celebrity photos, like Photoshop, filters, and other editing. She’s happy to be herself and let her fans see what she really looks like, even if her posts don't earn her tons of money.

4 Ashley Graham

Along with Lizzo, Ashely Graham is another celebrity who is dedicated to standing up against society’s ideas of what is beautiful and what isn’t. Though she’s a model and so many people would kill to look like her, Graham also posts photos on social media where she doesn’t look completely flawless. Rather than trying to hide things like cellulite, she embraces them.

Candid role models like Ashley Graham are so important because they show impressionable young fans that it’s okay to have cellulite and not fit into a specific size that the world demands of you.

3 Lena Dunham

Yet another celebrity who is never afraid to let us see the real her is Lena Dunham. The writer and actress recently posted a before and after shot, detailing how she had put on weight and she was happy about that. She was celebrating the weight gain—something that Hollywood has traditionally warned against—because it signified that she was over an illness.

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Dunham doesn’t care what the critics and haters have to say on social media, often posting whatever she feels like. It’s so refreshing to see someone in the spotlight who doesn’t feel the need to pretend to be perfect.

2 Alyssa Milano

Yes, we’ve been obsessed with Alyssa Milano ever since her Charmed days. Her character Phoebe Halliwell was an empath, and while Milano might not magically be able to know what other people are feeling, she seems to be able to connect with people in the same way.

The actress is always standing up for causes that she believes in, supporting other women, and posting inspiring photos. Many of those include her without makeup, breastfeeding, and just being real. She’s not afraid to show the world the ups and downs of motherhood, rather than making it look perfect and easy.

1 Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson is another star who posts whatever she likes on social media, and it’s super refreshing. Rather than worrying about whether or not she looks flawless in every photo, she is not scared to post pictures of everything from swollen pregnancy feet to stories about throwing up. Often, she even seeks advice from her fans when she’s going through a hard time.

By acting so candid on social media, Simpson (and the other celebrities) reinforce that they’re really just humans, and it’s okay to be a human, too.

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