Not Eating Enough Carbs Can Trigger Several Issues In Your Body

If you're looking to lose weight, you've likely been told that carbs are your worst enemy. In fact, they're preached to be more fattening than fats.

But, contrary to popular belief, carbs aren't here to make you fat and they're pretty useful in your diet. Obviously, not all carbs are good for you; refined sugars and flours can hinder weight loss and cause your blood-sugar levels to go up.

But complex carbs from vegetables and whole grains are indeed healthy and are very necessary. The average person needs to consume around 225 grams of carbs a day and eating an insufficient amount will probably leave one feeling worse for wear.

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According to an article published by msn, based on input from dieticians Isabela Smith and Cassie Bjork, staying away from the nutrient could cause headaches as taking sparingly causes blood sugar levels to drop significantly.

Insufficient carb intake could also cause persons to feel colder than they should. Low-carb diets promote a low thyroid function that leads to difficulty in regulating internal body temperature. And there's also the risk of dreaded bad breath due to the body using protein and fat for fuel in the absence of carbohydrates. While this is great for weight loss, Smith claims it could also cause smelly breath.

Doubling water intake, however, could provide an immediate solution.

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It's known that carbs are necessary for energy, so cutting back too much is certain to leave energy stores in the body depleted. Lower energy should lead to lazier workouts, which in turn could lead to weight gain.

Another way an improper carb count could cause weight gain is by increased sugar production in the body. The liver tries to make up for the absence of carbs by creating sugar which could trigger an insulin release. The hormone actively promotes fat storage and could leave you seeing adverse results even if you're on a low-carb diet.

As carbs are rich in fiber, a lack thereof could leave you feeling hungry all of the time. And, if you aren't disciplined enough, you could find yourself eating way more than you planned to. Healthy fats, such as what's found in avocados, are great substitutes. But failing to replace those missed carbs with the aforementioned could lead to excess eating.


Making strangers of those carbs is also likely to leave you with a bit of brain fog. A minor study found that women on low-carb diets did worse on memory tests than women who weren't. Carbohydrates, aside of their many functions, also provide fuel for the brain.

They also help keep you in a better mood as they're important for your body's production of the feel-good brain chemical called serotonin. And cutting back could turn you into a very grumpy person.

Add bad breath to that and you'd be poised to lose all of your friends.


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