Nima Launches A Potentially Life-Saving Sensor To Detect Peanuts In Food

Those who have a life-threatening peanut allergy always hold one massive fear — that they'll unwittingly consume some food that contains so much as a trace of peanuts, which will then promptly send them into anaphylactic shock and the ER. It's an understandable fear that can cause those with peanut allergies to avoid any situations where they don't know if there's any food that's safe for them to eat. Luckily, Nima has now launched a product that will calm all those fears.

The Nima Peanut Sensor is officially on the market. It's a unique product that can detect traces of peanut protein that are as little as 10 parts per million. You use it by inserting a sample of your food inside of a disposable test capsule, which then goes inside of the sensor itself. In less than five minutes time, the Nima Peanut Sensor will inform you whether your food is safe for you to consume or not.


Via nimasensor.com

This product can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth to help show your testing history, a record of all packaged food that had been tested, and restaurants Nima had previously tested for peanuts. Based on two rounds of internal testing conducted by Nima, company executives say there's a 97.6 percent accuracy rate in detecting traces of peanut protein both big and small.

As great as this product is, it's extremely important to note that the Nima Peanut Sensor only tests for peanuts right now. All other nuts cannot be tested, though the company insists that they want their product to test for the presence of other nuts at some point. Much more important though is the fact that the Peanut Sensor cannot and will not replace an Epi-Pen. Rather, the point of the product is to give a person another way to feel confident about what you’re about to consume. You'll be able to know that your food is safe to eat before you even think about taking that first bite.

The Nima Peanut Sensor and 12 disposable capsules are sold together for $289 USD. You can order yours online from Nima's website.


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