Nicole Kidman Ate Bugs (And 14 Other Celebrities With Weird Eating Habits)

When you’re a star, a diet is very important. Unless you’re the “chubby comedian” type, you need to look thin and good and that requires a lot of work. Naturally, exercise is a major bit but a lot has to do with what you eat. A few stars hold to things like cutting to practically just bread and water and even then complaining that it is too much in carbs. Others can indulge in junk food but balance it thanks to great workouts. Some of course, take some “supplements” to help things along. But every star definitely has a system.

However, in some cases, stars have eating habits that may seem…off. And no, it is not things from other countries that Americans just find strange. It's straight up crazy what some stars will do just to look good.

Many use it for snacks, others for full meals, and some have stuff that makes you frankly marvel they’re still alive, let alone in good shape. Sure, the rich may not be like the rest of us but it is still remarkable to see how strange their eating can be. From color coordination to bugs and more, here are 15 celebrities with rather odd eating habits that will make you feel a lot better about yourself.

15 The Rock’s Cheat Day


When he was a pro wrestler, Dwayne Johnson was already used to keeping himself in shape. But he’s actually bulked up massively for his fame in movies. The Rock wasn’t a thin guy to begin with, working out and eating strictly have been a part of his life for a very long time now. However, not having to be on the road 300 days a year seemed to have freed him up for a wild eating routine.

Johnson shared how he has seven meals a day, which includes three 8 ounce cods, an 8 ounce steak, multiple helpings of rice, eggs and more. It adds up to 5000 calories a day, balanced by weightlifting.

But even more insane is his idea of a “cheat day” once filming is done. After wrapping Hercules, Johnson shared a pic of his celebration: 12 pancakes, four double dough pizzas with toppings and 21 brownies. That this man remains in such stunning shape with this overeating is remarkable, showing he really is the Rock in many ways.

14 Mariah Goes Purple


When she came to fame in 1990, Mariah Carey was a great beauty with a curvaceous body. Over the years, that’s bounced back and forth from rail thin to a bit overweight and mixed with often odd behavior.

Carey has bounced back in music with a great number of hits and still a fantastic voice while also showing off a curvaceous body. The reason for that appears to be her strange fondness of purple food.

Purple food supposedly contains anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant which limits cell damage.

Carey pushes it hard, trying to keep up with eating purple food at least three times a week. We do think it is a little weird, but clearly something is working out in her favour since she has managed to get the body she desires back. Good for her!

13 Christina’s Color Coordination

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Christina Aguilera has struggled with her weight over the years. She started off a thin lady and showed off a hot body a lot during her “Xtina” phase. But she hit a spot of gaining a lot of weight before losing 50 pounds in time for The Voice.

The secret to that is an odd diet called the “7-Day Color Review.” The idea is simple yet also challenging: Limit yourself to only food of one specific color a day.

Specifically, Monday is white, Tuesday is red, Wednesday is green, Thursday is orange, Friday is purple, and Saturday is yellow. On Sunday, rainbow-colored foods are allowed. So you have to figure out the right way to mix them up and keep up the mentality of each day. This naturally means a cut-down on junk food, and it does seem to have been working out in her favour. We do have to wonder though how she stays sane with such restrictions.

12 Miranda’s Coconuts


One look at Miranda Kerr and you can tell this is a woman who loves being flawless. The stunningly gorgeous supermodel has shown so much of herself in photo shoots in a variety of outfits (and sometimes none at all) and has been hailed for how her skin looks so great.

So it’s no surprise when she says she uses coconut oil, as that’s an obvious thing to keep your skin looking sleek, smooth and perfect. Except Kerr eats it.

As strange as it sounds, she indulges in four teaspoons a day of coconut oil, insisting it helps her as a light butter substitute. Some doctors have chastised this as being dangerous with the abundance of oil and the occasional spoiled coconut. But Kerr keeps going and given how utterly amazing she looks on a regular basis, you can’t argue with the results, as it shows coconut oil can be as effective on the inside as the out.

11 Lawrence’s Spicy Sandwich


The charm of Jennifer Lawrence has always been that under the veneer of an Oscar-winning A-list star is someone who is a normal gal. She dresses down while on her down time, she curses, she drinks and she laughs with strangers. She does do workouts for some movies and training for action stuff so she does have to watch her diet more.

Yet Lawrence is a gal who’d prefer a take-out pizza to a five-star meal, enjoying fried chicken and burgers, albeit in moderation.

But when it comes to a big snack, Lawrence goes all out for something spicy. To this end, she created her own meal: A pizza chili spaghetti sandwich.

It is just what it sounds like, cook a slice of pizza, mix it with some chili sauce and noodles and cram it all between two hard-shell slices. It’s a wild meal to showcase that Lawrence is one lady who indulges in a style as unique as herself which is another reason to love her.

10 Foleys’ Eggs And Butter

Among the hotter hunks on television, Scott Foley has been wowing female viewers for years. It started on the beloved cult series Felicity and has continued through a good career. He’s risen to bigger fame starring in ABC’s smash hit Scandal that often has him shirtless. So you’d expect a diet focusing on healthy stuff, no carbs and a lot of exercise.

Having eggs and butter is not too out there right? Well the twist is, it's not butter. It is peanut butter. 

That’s right, one of the hottest guys on television insists on spreading peanut butter over his eggs. He claims that it is great for protein but fans reacted like he’d run over a dog, outraged at the very idea of putting these two together. Foley continues to defend it and a few fans joined him after trying it themselves. So it may sound nuts but it’s actually a unique delicacy to some and doesn't take away from the attraction to this handsome man.

9 Woodley Eats Clay

Not every diet trick works out. Shailene Woodley learned that one the hard way. The actress came to fame on the ABC Family show The Secret Life of the American Teenager and showed good skills as a pregnant teen navigating life. That led to big screen fame like Divergent and hails for her turn in Big Little Lies. She’s done her best to handle fame, not a classic looker but still very much in shape.

When asked how she got into shape on a talk show, Woodley threw the interviewer by saying she ate clay.

Consuming a teaspoon of clay apparently helps rid your body of “unwanted metals.” It caused a fuss as she insisted it did great to help her lose weight. However, Woodley eventually learned that it obviously is not really that great in the long-term, due to damage of clay in your stomach lining, and so gave it up. Still, to find yourself eating dried dirt is an odd addition to your diet.

8 Gomez’s Pickle Popcorn


As a Disney Channel starlet, Selena Gomez is used to indulging in treats now and then. She’s had her stuff with junk food, ice cream and more, although she does her best to maintain a better diet. Her health is a key reason as the actress has suffered lupus and required a kidney transplant as well.

That has forced her to cut down on some saltier foods and drinking and instead made her focus on her workouts.

But Gomez love for popcorn sometimes takes over for after concerts and while watching a movie. But what is unique is that she insists on adding pickles to them.

Instead of butter, she’ll squeeze pickle juice onto her popcorn and then chow down. It is an odd thing but it seems to work out pretty well. She continues to work out hard and shows off in her great outfits but pickle popcorn is a touch that proves Selena enjoys some unique habits.

7 Catherine’s Berry Teeth Cleaning

The stunning British actress Catherine Zeta-Jones has always wowed us with her beauty. She’s proven herself in acting, singing and dancing and thus needs a good diet for it. She goes by what’s known as the “Flapper” diet, a throwback to the 1920s.

Food groups are paired into acidic and alkaline and held tightly, pushed for the long-legged form of dancers. It sure works wonders to make her look great. However, an odd diet/beauty mix is used by Zeta-Jones for her daily routine.

She’ll take a fresh strawberry and rub it across her teeth.

She insists it helps as the juices work on tartar and keep her teeth looking bright. She then chews it down but prefers to keep the berries just for cleaning. It may seem odd but given how glorious her smile looks, you can’t argue with the results. So while her diet may be more for a dancer, Catherine shows how her love for fruits actually helps with her beauty.

6 Cage Only Wants Dignified Animals

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Let’s face it, if there’s one guy you’d expect to have a weird eating habit, it’s Nicolas Cage. He is a talented actor with an Oscar and slews of blockbuster hits under his belt. But Cage is also infamous for his rather bizarre behavior and indulging on screen with roles that make him out to be an utter lunatic. For the most part, his diet seems normal, indulging a lot in meat, some drinking and since his roles don't require much from his physical appearance, he can indulge.

But one demand he does have, is that he will only eat animals who engaged in…wait for it…”dignified s*x.” Yes, that’s right.

"I actually choose the way I eat according to the way animals have s*x. I think fish are very dignified with s*x. So are birds. But pigs, not so much. So I don't eat pig meat or things like that. I eat fish and fowl." It makes a strange kind of sense that Cage’s choice in eating seems as nutty as his choice of scripts to add to his unique reputation.

5 Chrissy’s Lick-Backs

As a model, Chrissy Teigen is used to keeping herself in great shape. That’s carried over as she’s found success hosting Lip Sync Battle and also blogging about food. However, Teigen isn’t above some rather odd food habits of her own.

Incredibly, she loves junk food, indulging in cheese tacos, Frito pies and even if she avoids carbs in the morning, that’s a wild diet. She makes herself a rib-eye steak for dinner and enjoys pizza.

But the oddest part is her bizarre habit of licking the dust off of Cheetos…then putting them back.

She insists she doesn’t do it at parties but still will just lick off the cheese flavour of a chip and then have them in the bag to eat later. This has gotten her in some trouble with folks slamming her for promoting a bad diet, and just says this is her own preference. This just shows that even a supermodel isn’t above some junky habits.

4 Reese Loves Baby Food

Reese Witherspoon is a lady who continues to defy time. At 41, she still looks as stunning as she did in her breakout role in Legally Blonde. She has a bright smile, great legs and a lovely charm. The blonde has continued to show off her terrific body from Wild to Big Little Lies and backing it up with Oscar-winning talent to boot. So you’d expect her to have a top-notch diet, something including the usual stuff like fish or vegetables.

Instead, Witherspoon is buying baby food and it’s not for any of her kids, since now, they're all grown.  

Created by Tracy Anderson, the program does have ladies indulging in baby food, the idea that the same nutrients that help infant bodies process and build can do the same for adults. Witherspoon has roughly 14 jars a day, each one containing 25-75 calories. Sure, she indulges in regular food as well (she has sworn off alcohol since an embarrassing DUI arrest in 2013) but it is still remarkable how she manages to look so young based on what babies eat.

3 Madonna Eats...Air

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Maybe it’s no shock that the Material Girl is into some odd eating. Madonna has lived to shock people for decades, loving the attention of her bizarre outfits and acting up majorly. Even today, she keeps herself in shape for concerts and is not above the occasional "clothing optional" picture to prove she still has it.

Given her holistic leanings, it’s no surprise she goes for stuff like “sea vegetables” and expelling all wheat, eggs, meat and dairy. So what does she eat? Air.

Seriously, it’s an actual diet that was popularized in France. You basically prepare a regular meal of any type, let it get cooked, set it, and then instead of eating it you just breathe in the aroma. You can cut it up, bring it to your mouth but just let it hit your lips and smell it. In short, you basically just waste an entire meal just to breathe it in and then have some boiled water with salt. This has been slammed for being downright dangerous yet she lives by it, proving that even something like eating has to be bizarre for Madonna.

2 Alba Loves Sea Water


From her breakout, Jessica Alba has pushed having a great body. It got her famous for her role in Dark Angel as a genetically engineered fighter, so looking near perfect was needed. This has carried on through movie roles like Sin City and others. Today, Alba has cut down on acting as she’s busy running her multi-billion dollar Honest Company and raising three kids. But she can still post a picture of her looking utterly fantastic and that requires a good diet. What’s surprising is that unlike other diets, Alba doesn’t ignore salty foods.

In fact, she drinks sea water, and even adds salt to her regular water claiming that it helps her. She also has an addiction to hot sauce and loves “burning a hole in my stomach.”

Given her affinity for workouts and such, it is astounding Alba indulges like this and she admits to having cut more loose during her pregnancies. But given her stunning body still showing off nicely, this is one lady who manages to handle saltiness well.

1 Nicole Kidman’s Bug Fetish

She’s an Oscar winning actress who recently added an Emmy and Golden Globe to her won awards, for the acclaimed mini-series Big Little Lies. She is constantly considered one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She may be one of the best exports to ever come out of Australia. But Nicole Kidman also has some damn weird eating habits.

For a Vanity Fair video, the woman ate a four-course meal of bugs, describing each one as she went.

Yep, hornworms (“extraordinary, need a little water”), mealworms (“this is a fruity taste”), crickets (“like nothing you’ve ever tasted”) and fried grasshoppers (“I’ll recommend them to anyone.”)

On top of this, Kidman also admits to taking a cup of coffee that’s about 90 percent just foam. She loves to exercise and also eats a lot of seafood but the bug thing is nuts given how she’s seen as so high class. But maybe this is how she keeps her amazing shape in check.

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