The 10 Nicest Home Kitchens in the World

It is well known that every single part of someone's house has massive importance to the owner. The living room, restrooms, bedrooms, and of course the kitchen. Some architects consider this specific room to be one of the most important assets a house can have. Why you may ask? The answer is not surprising at all, as it is considered to be the heart of the home - the place where a lot of various activities happen - from preparing meals, to enjoy them with your special ones, it is important to express your taste through the style of the kitchen. Whether the kitchen is designed to leave the guests in awe by being minimalist or complex, or it has the ultimate technology to make your life easier, it can truly express the sense of taste the owner has. Let's take a look at these 10 beautiful, yet different kitchens around the world!

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10 White Hamptons Kitchen

A minimalist approach never fails to disappoint! When a kitchen is designed in good taste, the details pop up with much more ease. The off-white color is beautifully combined with wood flooring and metallic designs that bring a cozy and earthy feeling to the entire room. Moreover, the appliances and the kitchen counter beautifully blend into the kitchen, making it part of a compact design. The entire architecture although simplistic yet extravagant will give anyone the feeling of a cozy space for their family meals.

9 The Contrast Kitchen

Everybody loves the contrast between black and white, especially because it gives a touch of elegance to the layout of any apartment. And this is the reason why we chose this kitchen. The contrast between black walls and cupboards, as well as black chairs and appliances with white tables makes it a modern, yet extremely stylish when it comes to kitchen design. Even though this kitchen is in a condo in New York, you couldn’t possibly tell, as it creates the impression of a large decor that is perfect for dinners with friends and family, as well as a party!

8 Town House Kitchen

As we have already presented two types of perspectives when it comes to kitchen designs, it is only fair to mention one that has more of a traditional approach. The wooden floor, beautifully combined with the gray cabinets and the white tiles, makes it the perfect place to enjoy breakfast or a beautiful evening and the wooden table along with the chairs around it enriches the coziness experience. Although the appliances might seem that they are more of the luxurious type, the overall result is worth the costs, making it look like a kitchen you could see in a celebrities' house or a famous TV show.

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7 The Rustic Kitchen

Some designs resemble coziness and stimulate the remembrance of the childhood days. That is why this rustic design is perfectly suitable for couples that would like to relive this experience every time they walk into their kitchen. Whether you want to cook alongside your family or you want to enjoy a nice meal you've cooked, this exquisite kitchen has various patterns, starting from marble to wood, but it still manages to maintain a simplistic design that embodies a welcoming environment for the various activities stated above.

6 Classic European Country Style Kitchen

Maybe this might be unusual for you, but this is a unique approach when it comes to kitchen designs. For instance, the combination of copper pieces, off white cupboards and wood floors makes this kitchen one of a kind. And to top it off, the touch of green plants and motifs complete the color palette. Having big windows, the natural light hits upon the kitchen throughout the entire day, which makes every activity nicer. This kitchen is part of a house in Barcelona and it can depict a warm, cozy feeling that a kitchen has, alongside its luxurious feeling thanks to the copper pieces.

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5 The Beige Kitchen

This one makes it on the list because even though it can be considered the pure definition of simplicity - warm, neutral tones with a touch of white, it has a lot of class. This monochrome approach is very much in style this year and most definitely the best option, much more appreciated than a kitchen that has multiple textures and colors. The "beige kitchen," as it has been named, creates a cozy feeling and shows that not only the common space areas, such as a living room or guest room can be warm and suitable for dining with friends or family.

4 The Perfect Gray Kitchen

We know that the "perfect" shade of grey can be a bit of an understatement as there are a lot of possible combinations a kitchen can be composed of. The dark grey cupboards, next to the white tables and silver touches, such as the faucets make it not only luxurious but very practical, thanks to the strategic positioning of each utility. Neutrals are very famous around this time of the year and this combination can make up for an amazing looking heart of the house.

3 Cozy Feeling Kitchen

Sometimes you don't necessarily need a fully equipped and expensive kitchen to make it look elegant. Maybe sometimes it's more about how perfectly organized the appliances are, how great the owner feels in the kitchen when doing the day to day chores, or enjoying a cup of coffee. The contrast between the overall white pastel of the kitchen and bold blue couch makes it worthy of our list of the most beautiful kitchens in the world. This particular one feels like a breath of fresh air on an early summer day.

2 The Fully Black Kitchen

As we have already mentioned the perfect grey tone of a kitchen, how about a fully black one? In general, they are expected to be very bright, with specific light tones, from white, beige or light blue, but this kitchen is one of a kind, and outstandingly beautiful, because everything (yes, everything), from the appliances, tables, cupboards are made out of black materials which couldn't possibly be more stylish and luxurious. Sometimes, thinking out of the box can lead to a result like this one.

1 The Cottage Kitchen

If you ever imagined how a modern, yet vintage kitchen from a small suburb would look, this may be the perfect depiction! The colorful tapestry with flower motifs, alongside different nuances of blue, are overall making a bold statement that colors are fun. To top it off, the blue stools are the cherry on top of the cake because not only are they beautiful, but also manage to perfectly frame the whole kitchen into a homogenous place!

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