Cold Weather Calls For Frozen Falls In Niagara

The waterfalls of Niagara Falls have been reported as being frozen in mid-air thanks to freezing cold winter temperatures.

If you're a photography buff and live near Niagara Falls, you'll want to zip on over to the natural wonder to pick up some amazing shots... if you can stand the cold, that is. Right now, temperatures are so low that some of the rushing water has frozen over!

It's important to note that not all of the famous falls are frozen. The main portions of the falls continue to rush forward but smaller portions of the waterfalls have frozen, solid making for a wondrous sight.


According to Today, spray from the falls has frozen over the trees, rocks and other natural vegetation surrounding the famous site making Niagara Falls appear as a winter wonderland. Subzero temperatures have caused parts of the rushing water to freeze in the 176 foot drop that have been amazing tourists for generations.

Despite the icy environment, photographers and spectators alike have been flocking to the falls to catch eerie yet beautiful images of the partially frozen collection of waterfalls before the sun comes out to transform the historic wonder to its normal state. Scientists and weather experts have assured the public that despite the freezing temperature, it would take a severe weather condition, such as a sustained arctic blast, to freeze the entirety of the falls and prevent any water from flowing.



Instagram user Inge Groot said she saw the sun come out for only 15 minutes during a visit and though the temperature was -25 degrees Celsius, the experience was "unforgettable." CNN meteorologist Michael Guy stated that the cold temps will continue for at least the next couple of weeks so enjoy the frozen falls while you can even if that just means through the photos.

Movie and T.V. show fans have already compared the current state of Niagara Falls to Disney's "Frozen", Planet Hoth from "Star Wars", and even "Game of Thrones." Can you think of a pop culture reference to compare this natural beauty to? Let us know in the comments!

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