Tinder's Newest Feature Feels A Little Like An Idea Stolen From Elsewhere

Tinder has rolled out a new feature in India that allows women to exclusively message first, so exactly like rival dating app Bumble.

Almost everything can be done via an app in 2018, most notably meeting new people. There are a tonne of different apps that allow you to meet new people for a variety of reasons. Looking for a date, to make friends in a new city, or even on the hunt for fellow dog owners to walk your pup with, there's an app out there for you.

What these apps have to be careful of is treading on one another's toes. If you want to create a new app and venture into this ever-growing arena then you need an original idea, or to tweak a pre-existing one if you're feeling a little lazy. Take Tinder for instance. There are a number of different dating apps that have taken inspiration from Tinder but have added their own unique spin.


Bumble is one of those Tinder spinoffs. Users swipe left or right depending on if they like who and what they see, however, only the female party in heterosexual matches can initiate conversations. That's where the controversy comes in with Tinder's "new" idea. The OG of dating apps has introduced a feature in India dubbed My Move, as reported by Hindustan Times.

Female users can switch My Move on if they want to be the ones to initiate conversations with male users they match with, so the whole concept behind Bumble. Taru Kapoor, General Manager for Tinder owner Match Group in India, explained to Reuters that the feature has been added to encourage more Indian women to use the app. A nice and logical thought, but it doesn't take away from the fact that it was someone else's idea, and before you ask, Bumble is available in India.

Tinder is already thriving in India. Not only is it the country with the highest number of Tinder users in all of Asia, but apparently, there is more interaction between users in terms of chat on the app in India than any other country in the world. At the time of typing this, there has not been any official word on what Bumble thinks about the situation, and whether it will take action against Tinder for its newest feature.


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