New Device Can Replace Your Massage Therapist

New Device Can Replace Your Massage Therapist

Say goodbye to your massage therapist thanks to this magical new device.

When professional athletes or even just rich wannabe athletes experience muscle pain and tightness after an afternoon of training, they turn to a massage therapist work out those knots and tense areas. For the rest of us who can’t afford an on-call massage therapist, we get to suffer from ever-increasing back and neck pain until we’re hunched over like decrepit old people.

If only there was some sort of device that could replace an expensive therapist and offer relief without breaking the bank.

Well, now there is. It’s called the Back Roller 48 from Deep Recovery. We don’t have a lot of details on the company, other than it was started by a guy named Eric who suffered from back pain back in 2014. The first product was the Back Track, a plastic track that you could put tennis balls inside to work out your muscle tension with. Then it evolved into the Neck Track, a smaller device that worked on your neck.


The Back Roller 48 is yet another iterative improvement on both previous designs. It uses a similar frame but is both lighter and stronger than before. It comes with teeny rubber feet that can stick to any hard surface and allow you to roll yourself on balls of varying firmness to give yourself a deep tissue massage wherever you need it.

Back Roller 48 is currently being Kickstarted with $30,976 pledged towards its $20,000 goal, so that’s a good sign.

Depending on your pledge level, you’ll get an assortment of balls from Deep Recovery which all fit into the Back Roller’s tracks. There are the 70 mm massage balls that come in firm, soft, or very soft firmness for every level of muscle tension, and for people who really need deep tissue massage, there’s the 64 mm lacrosse balls. That’s basically like being massaged by a very angry, very muscular massage therapist.

Deep Recovery reports the benefits of using their new device as increase blood flow, decreased recovery time from injury, as well as increased mood--mostly because of the money you’re saving from not paying for a massage therapist.

So sign up and give yourself the gift of a healthier neck and back. It’s a priceless gift, but $30 sounds about right.


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