The Net Worths Of Your Favorite Celebrity Chefs

Question time! Who can make the most delectable dishes with such grace that make fans all across the globe drool? Here are a few hints: some travel to different destinations to share exotic dishes, one or two have their own television shows, and then, there are a few known for their harsh, but truthful words to those in training. If the answer that comes to mind is celebrity chefs, then that answer is correct!

From Rachel Ray to Jamie Oliver, these maestri of the kitchens can throw down, create epic plates, and keep their fans thoroughly entertained while doing it. Many of America’s favorite chefs own restaurant chains, and a few have published books on their path to success and their infinite love of cooking. Just how much are these popular chefs worth and who makes the most?

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10 Emeril Lagasse - Net Worth: $70 Million

This Massachusetts native's net worth comes from various things. Emeril Lagasse is not only a celebrity chef, but he is also an author, restaurant owner, and a television personality. Lagasse has appeared on dozens of cooking TV shows and was awarded the James Beard Award and the National Best Recipe Award for his Turkey and Hot Sausage Chili recipe. Known for his "New New Orleans style" and his trademark catchphrases, Lagasse is estimated to be worth $70 million.

9 Rachael Ray - Net Worth: $80 Million

Rachael Ray is best known for her creative and innovative approach to recipes. Ray's infamous "30 minutes or less" technique has garnered her rave reviews and landed her a syndicated television show in September 2006. The businesswoman and author has also appeared on the Food Network, often competing with her fellow colleagues. In addition she has written multiple cookbooks, and has several endorsements; Ray's estimated net worth is $80 million.

8 Bobby Flay - Net Worth; $30 Million

For anybody who was ever able to "beat Bobby Flay", that is pretty much a claim to fame, and definitely bragging rights. The energetic celebrity chef and television personality is known for efficient cooking techniques and larger-than-life antics while making meals. Bobby Flay also owns several restaurants: Bar American in New York, Bobby Flay Steak in Atlantic City, NJ, Mesa Grill in Las Vegas, and Bobby's Burger Place in at least 11 states. Flay's net worth is reported to be $30 Million.

7 Gordon Ramsey - Net Worth: $190 Million

The British celebrity-chef is known for his fiery temper, frequent use of controversial words, blunt comments, and wise-cracks towards restaurant facilities and contestants' cooking.

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Gordon Ramsey is the most loved-hated chef but his shows, Hell's Kitchen, The F Word, and Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare garner millions of viewers and are the most-watched reality-cooking shows on TV. Ramsey owns and operates a series of restaurants rounding out his estimated net worth to be $190 million and making him the 33rd -highest-earning celebrity in the world.

6 Guy Fieri - Net Worth: $8.5 Million

Guy Fieri is the face of the Food Network. The chef, game show host, and television personality has hosted various shows on the successful network, his most notable series being Diners, Dive-ins, and Drives, which has been on for over a decade. In addition to his time traveling the world, tasting the best food there is, Fieri co-owns three restaurants in California and licenses his name to restaurants in New York City and Las Vegas, Nevada. Fieri's estimated net worth is $8.5 million.

5 Anne Burrell - Net Worth: $5 Million

Anne Burrell is another celebrity chef that has a few noteworthy achievements under her belt. Burrell is a former instructor at the Institute of Culinary Education, a former sous chef for Chef Mario Batali, and studied at the Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners. Currently, Anne is the co-host of Worst Cooks in America and the host of Secrets of a Restuarant Chef. Burrell's estimated net worth is said to be $5 million, which is a culmination of her TV appearances and work she's done at various restaurants.

4 Wolfgang Puck - Net Worth: $90 Million

Wolfgang Puck is considered to be a legend among all who are culinary artists. The Austrian-born chef oversees 20 restaurants, celebrity catering services; which includes the Academy Awards, has written several cookbooks, and has a few acting gigs on his resume.

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Puck opened up his first restaurant in Spago, in Los Angeles, California in 1982. Since then, Puck has expanded his franchise, particularly with his modern take on pizza.  The well-renowned chef appeared on: Fraiser, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Smurfs, and The Simpsons. Puck's estimated net worth is $90 million.

3 Anthony Bourdain - Net Worth: $16 Million

The world lost a gem when it was announced on June 8, 2018 that famed-celebrity chef, Anthony Bourdain, tragically passed away. Bourdain was best-known for his popular CNN show, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, and his two other food-traveling shows that appeared on the Travel Channel: The Layover and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. Bourdain began his culinary career after graduating in 1978 from The Culinary Institute of America. The late chef than became the executive chef at Brasseire Le Halles, and worked with the restaurant for many years. Bourdain was also the author of several books. Known for being able to take risks when it came to eating certain foods, i.e; snakes, ant eggs, and sheep testicles, Bourdain's reported net worth is said to be $16 million.

2 Giada De Laurentiis - Net Worth: $20 Million

This Italian-American chef is a Daytime Emmy Winner and frequent contributor on the Today Show. Giada De Laurentiis also had the honor of working in the restaurant, Spago, which happened to be the first restaurant opened by Wolfgang Puck. Laurentiis became Food Network royalty, when her show, Giada at Home, aired in 2008, and after making several guest appearances on other shows that aired on the network. From 2014-2015, Laurentiis went through a stressful divorce from her husband, Todd Thompson, which ended in the celebrity having to pay $9,000/month for child support and 50% of unpaid advances to her unpublished cookbooks.

None of this seemed to disrupt her net worth of $20 million.

1 Jamie Oliver - Net Worth: $300 Million

Jamie Oliver is a chef extraordinaire who is known for his approachable cuisine. The British chef began his career as a pastry chef before catching the eye of Patricia Llewellyn, the owner of the television company, Optomen, leading to the airing of his show, The Naked Chef. Since then, Oliver has sold over 40 million books worldwide and is also the owner of the restaurant chain, Jamie Oliver Restaurant Group.

In 2019, the chain went into administration and 22 out of the 25 restaurants were closed, leaving 1,000 employees with no jobs. This did not affect Oliver's net worth, which is estimated to be $300 million.

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