MoviePass Updates User Plans, Tells Customers To Opt-Out Themselves

MoviePass has been going through a little bit of a tough time over the last few months. They recently released new plans for people using their service and even limited the number of movies that someone can watch per month for free.

This time around, the service is enrolling people who didn't opt into the new three movies a month plan, into a new plan that is similar to its original one movie per day plan. The catch is that these people were enrolled in this plan without their consent and MoviePass is saying that if they don't want to be charged for it, they'll need to actively opt-out of it before Oct. 4, 2018.

MoviePass ran out of cash in July and even had to take out a loan to help with the entire problem. This then led to them entirely reviewing their system, which means they started limiting their service's abilities and ultimately their customers. To save some money, MoviePass also started restricting certain titles for the first few weeks.


Via CNBC.com

The issue with this new updated service list is that, while it brings back something that people really did like about MoviePass, it still holds the bad parts. More specifically, it keeps the limited titles that get change every now and then.

According to The Verge, the service also has a record that isn't the best when it comes to refunds, cancellations and even changes to its terms of service. Members who found themselves canceling their subscriptions in August, found themselves dealing with issues and a complicated customer service system.

All of this really does just make MoviePass seem like it is at the point of making people stay from month to month, which is kind of like a business living paycheck to paycheck. It means that they need to make and keep everyone happy to simply ensure that they can survive.

While MoviePass does have its advantages, it most certainly has some issues that need to get resolved or else it will find itself closing its operations down. Issues like constantly changing services really don't make someone confident, especially since people have now opted into it without their consent. This all makes MoviePass look like it's shooting itself in the foot in terms of getting new people to join and stay.


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