10 Movie Stars Who Choose To Live In Quiet Small Towns

While it may seem initially appealing in the onset, living in the public eye at all times and constantly being chased by the paparazzi tends to eventually lose its appeal. When movie stars attain a certain level of fame, the media becomes relentless and all aspects of their personal life suddenly become very, very public. As a result of this constant badgering by the press and their complete inability to create a peaceful life, many celebrities opt for a quieter lifestyle away from the glitz and the cameras.

Celebrities seek the solitude that quieter towns have to offer, and relish in their ability to walk down the streets with minimal interference, and without cameras snapping photos of them at every turn.

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10 Harrison Ford - Jackson Hole - Wyoming

After all his hard work, grueling hours on set, and many forced appearances on the red carpet, we can’t blame Harrison Ford for seeking a subdued, quiet outdoor lifestyle in which to spend his days off. Jackson Hole, Wyoming has given him just that!

His home is minutes away from Grand Teton National Park, which offers up some of the most natural, breathtaking scenery in the country. His home is surrounded by mountains, and his lifestyle is peaceful. Far from the loud noises of the city, and the constant hounding of fans and media alike, Harrison is able to enjoy the fruits of his labor while surrounded by nature and wildlife. There are only 9500 people in his immediate area.

9 Jessica Biel – Big Sky, Montana

Big Sky, Montana is a small rural community in the Rocky Mountains. It’s known for its bike and ski trails as well as the wildlife and natural setting. It’s also the home of Jessica Biel, who opts for this lifestyle among the hot springs over the hustle and bustle of the Hollywood atmosphere.

There is nothing more calming than the backdrop of nature when you open your doors, and Biel seems rejuvenated by this lifestyle. Jessica and Justin moved to the mountains shortly after the birth of their son Silas, and are an example of a Hollywood couple that wish for a more graceful and peaceful upbringing for their kids.

8 Julia Roberts - Taos, New Mexico

Julia Roberts has one of the most recognizable faces in all of Hollywood. This “Pretty Woman” has been highly sought after by every paparazzo that owns a camera, and by every fan that has followed her incredibly successful career. It’s no wonder that after a short stint in the Hollywood Hills, she opted to grow roots in a more casual, scenic environment.

Her main residence is located in New Mexico, and this is predominantly where she resides and chooses to spend most of her time. The town is tiny, quaint, and peaceful – everything that Hollywood is NOT. Residing here has presented her with the opportunity to stroll the tiny little shops, and relish in the scenic mountainous trails without harassment by onlookers.

7 Tom Hanks- Ketchum, Idaho

The key to Tom Hank’s lifestyle is simply, to not be seen. He’s on the big screen and has lived the big lifestyle, but his daily choice represents much more humble roots and mountainous backdrops. Opting to live in the quiet suburb of Ketchum, Idaho, Tom has the ability to saunter in and out of local shops without much recognition or interference.

With only 2763 residents in this small, quiet, picturesque region, Tom doesn’t have to even think about the paparazzi.

6 Meryl Streep: Salisbury, Connecticut

Meryl Streep was born and raised in a small town, and in a small town, she shall remain! Her country-roots have always prevailed, and she has never been a fan of the Hollywood lifestyle. Her rustic, country-set home is barely visible from the main road, and if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’ll never find it.

We’re sure that was exactly the idea! This area is so rural that very few residents have access to wifi or cable TV, so they are certainly not the type to be interested in movies or the actresses that are in them. She has the ability to be inconspicuous, without having to put in any effort to gain this privilege.

5 Nicole Kidman - Leipers Fork, Tennessee

As one of Hollywood’s leading ladies, and with a net worth of over $120 million, many are shocked to hear that Nicole Kidman lives in a rural village – yes, you heard that right. Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee has a population of only 650 people, and Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have counted their family to be among this tiny little community.

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They live on a 36-acre farm in this region, which is considered to be a historic district. It is so quiet that neighbors often don’t encounter one another for days at a time. T Conscious of the effects of the cameras and constant scrutiny of the public eye, they have taken their children to a more natural, peaceful area to grow up and flourish without interruption.

4 Daniel Day Lewis- Roxbury, Connecticut

Talk about living in a tiny town…Roxbury Connecticut only has 2300 residents and Daniel Day-Lewis is one of them! If he’s looking to blend in, he doesn’t, but he certainly doesn’t stand out, either. In a town like this one, the beauty is that everyone is equal.

While the local residents are all very aware of who he is and the success he has attained on the big screen, nobody seems to care very much, or put too much focus on his career. There is only one restaurant in the city, and strangely, all the celebrities who live nearby will all go there to dine. Imagine that – a restaurant full of celebrities, and not a single camera in sight!

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3 Robert Downey Jr, East Hampton, New York

While the Hamptons are known as being a popular summer destination for celebrities, the East Hamptons tend to be much quieter and on the outskirts of where the main action is. Robert Downey Jr loves the East Hamptons – so much so that he built himself very unique windmill house.

Known to enjoy the whimsical, fun, and quirky aspects of life, this residence really speaks to his personal preferences and is a reflection of his true character. This charming little house is very different than the rolling mansions and estates that most celebrities gravitate towards. It’s a modest-sized home with quirky accents and a full view of the only church in the town.

2 Sandra Bullock - New Orleans

Sandra Bullock is not the only celebrity that chooses to live in New Orleans, but she can certainly be credited as being the trend-setter for this incredible area. Many celebrities are known to live in the Garden District and the best part – the residents don’t care. They are far less star-struck than the communities you’d find in other regions, so the appeal to residing here is obvious.

Other celebrities who reside here include John Goodman, and Beyonce and Jay-Z. Obviously, the appeal of quieter-living is spreading quickly among the A-Listers in Hollywood. Now that she’s raising her children, Sandra is much more aware of her surroundings, and the impact that they’ll have on the kids. New Orleans was the perfect choice for a quiet upbringing for Laila and Louis.

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1 Blake Lively & Ryan Reynolds: Bedford, New York

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds made the choice to leave behind the lights and sounds of Hollywood, and have since opted for a quieter lifestyle just slightly outside of Bedford. The tiny Westchester suburb that they live in is also home to many other celebrities who have selected the same sort of getaway.

Martha Stewart is one of their neighbors in this quaint little town of less than 17,000 people. Not much is known about the specific house they live in, as they have been very secretive about its actual location.

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