10 Most Expensive Luxury Motorhomes In The World

Traveling with a family in motorhome sounds fun at first, but there are many struggles like space, having a broken water line, or a broken toilet. However, for people who can afford a small fortune, is possible to have a luxurious motorhome with customized features. Those vehicles make it easy to forget that you are on the road.

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There are some companies specialized in luxury motorhomes. Most of them invest a lot in technology, optimizing spaces, and bringing luxury items to their products. Of course, it increases the price and they can cost more than some houses. Here are the 10 most expensive motorhomes available on the market today.

10 The Newmar King Aire 4553 - $1 million

If you ever have the chance to travel on a Newmar King Aire 4553, you will even forget that you are on the road. This mother home has plank floors, fully equipped kitchen, a navigation monitor, and wireless charging pads.

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According to their website, the vehicle comes with automation, that allows the user to control the lights, devices, blinders and other features from their phones or tablets. They also come with a modern sound system, wifi,

The prices start at $ 1 million, but they can go higher depending on the items the client wants to include.

9 Foretravel Motorcoach - $ 1.437 Million

One of the main problems people face with a motorhome is space, especially when it comes to laundry. But the Foretravel Motorcoach already comes with a washer and dryer. There is also enough space to a king-sized bed and a huge television. It also comes with a technology that reduces road noises so that you won’t be disturbed during your sleep. The kitchen and bathroom have natural quartz countertops. Of course, they have invested a lot on technology and it has an Outdoor Entertainment Center, interior LED lighting, and tire pressure sensors.

8 Prevost H3-45 VIP - $1.6 million

The Prevost is impressive at any angle you look. The vehicle offers the options of multiple floor plans and a lot of space under-floor, where travelers can put their equipment or luggage. According to the company,

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Prevost was designed to make the journey very comfortable, that is why they have created a motorhome with plenty of space, but also with sound isolation from exterior noise. They have invested a lot on the interior design as well.

It is also possible to control light and temperature. The VIP model is available for $1.6 million.

7 Anderson Mobile Estates - $ 2 million

Anderson Mobile Estates is specialized in luxury trailers and you can easily spend $2 million in one of their personalized motorhomes. Will Smith, for example, has a $2.5 million trailer from this brand.

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According to Anderson Mobile Estates website, their target is to adapt the vehicles to the clients' lifestyle, so it is possible to customize every corner of the motorhome depending on your needs. Costumers can choose wood, leather, devices, surface tops. But of course, it also means that the price will increase according to your demands.

6 Liberty Coach Fairfax Edition - $2.2 million

According to the company website, the biggest differential is the modern high-end entertainment system. Of course, they have invested a lot on technology and the owners can control everything from their mobile devices.

The brand claims to have superior engineering and craftsmanship, what gives their product " superior performance characteristics." It also features an aerodynamic cockpit.

It comes with a 60-inch outdoor television, which guarantees that perfect movie night. It also featured high-end exclusive speaker, that will make sure you have a lot of fun on the road. The price for this mansion on wheels is at least $2.2 million.

5 Featherlite Coaches - $2.3 million

Featherlite has a different range of prices for their motorhomes, but probably the most expensive is the Vantare, that costs $2.3 million thanks to its luxury items, customized options, and high-end technology. The motorhome comes in blue, black, or white.

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The owner and guests can enjoy the bathrooms with heated floors, several televisions, customized floor, mirrored tile and lots of space. It also has a locking system, that will assure dishes and other belongings will remain stable when they face the bumps on the road. The kitchen is fully equipped with dishwasher and microwave.

4 Marathon Coaches - $2.5 million

The Marathon Coaches is another company specialized in luxury motorhomes and their prices vary from $1.8 million to $2.5 million. The main differential for this brand is their high investments in technology and efforts to create automotive spaces. This is what defines the price of many other motorhomes in this list and companies are investing more and more in technology.

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There are some luxury items available like fireplaces, huge televisions, and a sound system. The users can also control light, temperature, and curtains using their phone or tablet devices.

3 Millennium Luxury Coaches - $ 2 million

The Millennium Luxury Coaches often offers a combination of space, technology, and interior design. They have several options for customers looking for luxury motorhomes. The 2018 H3-45, for example, comes with a 46-inch smart TV, and heated floors. A tablet can control all devices, lighting, and temperature.

The brand is proud of their craftsmanship and the interior of their motorhome looks like a luxurious modern apartment. Unsurprisingly, The prices are also high and you need at least $ 2 million to afford one of their models. But it does make anyone forget they are on the road and.

2 Newell Coach - $ 2.2 million

This is another company that makes luxury motorhomes. The Newell Coach is based in Oklahoma and doesn't have shops in other places. So if you are one of their potential clients, you have to travel to them.

According to their website, the client can customize many features, including chassis and body, so you don't need to be limited by the options they show. The interior can also be completely customized so you will feel at home. Among the facilities, the owners will have washing and dryer machine, LED televisions and patio awning.

1 EleMMent Palazzo -  $ 3 million

According to BBC, this is the most expensive motorhome in the world. The design makes travelers forget they are traveling in a mother home.

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It has a luxurious master bedroom with enough space for a king-sized bed, a 16 square-foot shower, lounge area, and fully equipped kitchen. It has spending walls and the users can enjoy a 732-square-foot area. The aerodynamic designer combined with powerful engineer makes the vehicle reaches 150 km per hour.

Their main clients are located among Dubai billionaires. The price for this luxury on wheels? $3 million.

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