Check Out Miley Cyrus' New Converse Collection

Ever since November 2017, Miley Cyrus has kept fan anticipated for her new collection with Converse and finally, the new collection is out! And it screams “Miley” very loud and clear.

Explaining why she launched this new collection with (almost) everyone’s favorite everyday footwear brand, Cyrus said: "Converse has no boundaries. It's outspoken. I've always identified with Converse because the brand appeals to and represents so many different cultures and walks of life. And they're accessible.” She also stated in a press release: "I definitely had my fans in mind and in my heart when I was creating. I put what they love about me and what I love about them into the design." Miley Cyrus has been known for a very long time as an activist for equality and fearless expression, and this inclusive collection surely reflects that. "No age, no gender, no sex — I wanted everyone to feel included," she emphasized. Now that’s the Miley spirit!

The collection includes punk-rock inspired and country-inspired apparels, also the classic Chuck Taylors sneakers (high-top, platform high-top, and life low top). One of her sneaker designs now features pink and black glittery soles and laces. The footwear is meant for the bold and free-spirit glitter kings and queens out there. Yet, Cyrus’ design is not only meant for stage wear and for performing purpose. It’s a statement accessory that can lift your everyday look to the next level. Imagine an all-black casual outfit or a simple white T-shirt with jeans, and your shoelaces and shoe soles are sparkling under the sun—the glitter seems to be a perfect addition.


Via Converse

Cyrus also added bandana-inspired patterns into her designs, a country twist to the Converse traditional shoe styles. It’s fun and it stays true to the origin of the “Malibu” singer. "I want to empower everyone to be exactly who they want to be every single day...Remember to have fun. Don't take yourself too seriously all the time,” the star sent a message to her fans. The sneakers also have a mickey mouse logo, as well as Cyrus' initials written in the mouse’s logo.

Miley’s exclusive athletic comfort apparels include tracks, pullovers, crop-tops, T-shirts, bike shorts, sport-bras, joggers, jackets, leggings. There is also a wide range of accessories like caps, backpacks, socks. All of them have a Miley’s touch: sparkling or bohemian or just simply fun, quirky and comfortable.

The ConverseXMiley collection is now selling in Nike stores (virtual and physical) as well as Nordstrom stores. All photos of the advertising campaign were taken by Ellen von Unwerth, who is most known for her work with Vogue Magazine. Staying true to the spirits and the intentions of the collection, the shoot was colorful, sparkling and featuring Miley Cyrus and some of her fans in the mentioned collaborated designs. You can check it out on the Converse’s website.

Many enthusiasts have already prepared a budget to spend on the merchandises (if not already purchased- some of the items are already sold-out!). How about you? Are you tempted to see and possibly purchase Miley Cyrus’s signature merchandises?


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