Michelle Obama Posts Rare School Photo As She Says "Every Girl Deserves An Education"

Former United States First Lady Michelle Obama has posted a rare photo of herself while in her formative years to reflect on the value of education.

With students all over the country heading back to school now that summer is over and done, Mrs. Obama stressed on the importance of girls getting educated while lamenting over the claim that "more than 98 million adolescent girls around the world" are not currently in school.

Michelle, the wife of former US President Barrack Obama, has shared a cute photo of herself as a schoolgirl, encouraging her followers to take education seriously.

“It’s so easy for us to take our education for granted, especially here in the United States,” she wrote in the caption. “Right now, more than 98 million adolescent girls around the world are not in school.”

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Michelle and her husband Barrack have a foundation that runs the Girls Opportunity Alliance and her post directs followers to it.

“I learned a lot in school - how to do my multiplication tables and structure a paragraph, yes, but also how to push myself, be a good friend, and dust myself off after a failure,” she added. “I believe every girl on the planet deserves the same kind of opportunities that I’ve had …. Girls who go to school have healthier children, higher salaries, lower poverty rates, and they can even help boost their entire nation’s economy.

“The future of our world is only as bright as our girls."

Michelle stepped out of the White House two years ago but continues to work on the things she pushed while she was the wife of the President. Health and educational access were two of her main focuses and she continues to be a voice. She's since gone on an international book tour to promote her bestselling memoir named Becoming, which was published last fall.

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